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Science Reporters Stretch the Truth on Limb Evolution Claim

first_imgItem: some fragments of bone were found from a road cut in Pennsylvania.  Conclusion: Darwinian evolution from slime to humans has been demonstrated again.  Sound far fetched?  Not if you are a science reporter for a typical news organization; this is common practice.    The bone this time is a humerus of a presumed “early” tetrapod, described by Neil Shubin and team (University of Chicago) in the Apr. 2 issue of Science.1  Their diagram shows a few scattered fragments of bone, not a whole skeleton.    That’s the data; now the interpretation.  According to the authors, the fragments of bone from this late Devonian creature represent a “novel mix of primitive and derived characters,” that “provides the basis for new interpretations of structural and functional stages in the origin of the tetrapod limb.”  Since only a few bone fragments were found, their identification of the fossil is “based on the presence of multiple shared derived features” compared with other assumed early tetrapods.  The shape of the bone, they think, indicates it supported bigger muscles.  It might have been, therefore, evolving into something that could support the body of the animal underwater and perhaps was used for a kind of hopping locomotion.  Admitting that “Many of the changes seen in these Devonian taxa are also seen in modern fish,” they “argue that this function represents the intermediate condition between primitive steering and braking functions in fins.”    Jennifer Clack, a veteran tetrapod-evolution researcher (see 08/09/2003 entry), writing in the same issue of Science,2 agrees with the interpretation and thinks that Shubin’s conclusions “reveal how even fragmentary finds can be used to draw inferences about the nature and sequence of changes that must have taken place during the evolution of terrestrial locomotion by tetrapods.”  In other words, no one saw this creature walking on its fins; inferences were drawn based on what they envision must have happened sometime in the evolution from fish to four-footed walker.  Even though Clack admits this bone “hints at a wide diversity of tetrapods existing in close proximity” in Pennsylvania where it was found, she illustrated her article with the new bone arranged into a hypothetical progression from fin to foot.    Here are examples of how this interpretation was reported in the media:Astrobiology Magazine pictured a contemplative chimpanzee pondering its origins, and began, “The Darwinian picture of the first fish venturing out of a muddy pond to become a lizard, has always had a certain simplistic appeal, but recent findings suggest this transitional puzzle has new fossil evidence.  A 365-million year old humerus bone hints at a fish that tried to prop itself up underwater, long before its offspring could have appeared as eventual amphibians.”  Charles Darwin, in pictures and quotes, is featured in the story, along with an illustration of limbs reverting back to fins in the evolution of whales.MSNBC News carried the story with the title, “How did fins evolve into feet?  Fossils document gradual change in the bones of ancient fish”.  The first paragraph is even more daring, connecting the story to us humans: “There is something fishy going on in your arms and legs – and it’s a good thing.  With the discovery of the world’s oldest known arm bone, scientists conclude that many of the physical features we associate with life on land, including the bone structures and muscles necessary for walking and doing pushups, have their evolutionary roots in fish.”New Scientist claimed that this “Primitive fossil arm performed push-ups” and “has revealed important insights into how animals colonised the land.”National Geographic gave Shubin’s team uncontested coverage, even though among the positive affirmations, they quoted one of the researchers as “unable to discern whether the humerus belongs to Hynerpeton, Densignathus, or an entirely new tetrapod species.”BBC News reported the story in slightly more tentative language, “Fossil may be earliest arm bone,” though offering no alternative to an evolutionary interpretation.  When they wrote, “It suggests the earliest limbed animals were fish navigating shallow rivers, but its place in the evolutionary tree is the subject of some controversy,” the controversy they speak of is not whether evolution from fins to feet occurred, but where this particular fossil fits in the scheme: they end with another scientist mentioning that this bone “isn’t like any of the later humeri that you encounter in the later Carboniferous.”Nature Science Update claimed “Strong-arm tactics drove creatures from the pond,” and stated, “The discovery of an ancient arm bone has helped scientists understand what happened as water-dwelling creatures evolved into land animals.”  The end of the article admits that “Details are sketchy, however.  We do not know, for example, how developed these creatures became underwater before crawling ashore, but the new find should add to the current picture.”These articles can probably be considered representative of how the interpretation of one bone in a scientific journal was reported in the popular media.1Shubin et al., “The Early Evolution of the Tetrapod Humerus,” Science, Vol 304, Issue 5667, 90-93, 2 April 2004, [DOI: 10.1126/science.1094295].2Jennifer Clack, “Enhanced: From Fins to Fingers,” Science, Vol 304, Issue 5667, 57-58, 2 April 2004, [DOI: 10.1126/science.1096415].If this article doesn’t make you mad, you have been hoodwinked as a victim of bad high school science teaching.  These reporters have taken an inch of data and stretched it into a light-year in both directions, fitting it into an all-encompassing myth of their own making, without considering alternative explanations or even coming close to supporting their case.  No muscles were found, no dates were stamped on the bones, no creatures were seen doing push-ups, and no transition from fins to feet was observed.  In fact, this bone brings as many puzzles into the evolutionary tale as “insights” (oh, how they love to claim that such and such a discovery “may provide insight into evolution”).  Where is any science reporter wise and bold enough to stand up and call this kind of grandstanding unjustifiable, misleading and worthless?    Darwinists have commandeered the news media by installing gutless lackeys as reporters who dare not question the fanciful interpretations of the Darwin Party.  As a result, they can weave their tall tales with reckless abandon.  If this were a court of law, the opposing attorney would cry “Objection!”, and demand proof.  If a politician made a claim on such flimsy evidence, the reporters would hammer him with hard-hitting follow-up questions and turn his reputation into a laughingstock.  If it were a logic class, the teacher would use it as an illustration of a of logical fallacy of extrapolation while the students would respond to the claimed evidence by rolling their eyes and rotating their fingers around their ears.  But no; the Darwin Party is a totalitarian regime, suppressing freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.  Only the official party line can be debated.  That’s why Creation-Evolution Headlines, the alternative media, exists.  Spread the word.    For a more detailed response to prior claims by Clack and Shubin, be sure to read our 08/09/2003 entry.  You won’t get it in the mainstream media.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more


Skills boost for Cape Flats animators

first_imgAccording to Cape Film Commission (CFC) commissioner Laurence Mitchell, the workshops introduced potential candidates to the world of animation and career paths in animation, giving students the opportunity to view showreels and to submit their own drawings for assessment. The first of several community awareness workshops, along with presentations at schools and libraries, took place among Cape Flats communities in April, reaching more than 1 000 prospective animators. Drawing, personal development “We have consciously made a decision as industry leaders that the Animation Academy will not be an outreach programme, but that we will establish it on the Cape Flats, where we want to contribute to alleviating poverty and creating jobs,” he said. 26 June 2009 Awareness workshops Around 50 students from the Cape Flats townships around Cape Town began animation training at False Bay College in Khayelitsha this week, as part of an initiative by the Cape Film Commission, the Western Cape film industry and the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta).center_img Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material “I am delighted at the abundance of talent available on especially the Cape Flats, and I remain confident that even though this is an ambitious project, we will reach our intended targets,” Mitchell said in a statement this week. Mitchell added that the training starting this week would focus on drawing for animation, digital design, and several soft courses on entrepreneurial and personal development. Described by many as one of the Western Cape film industry’s most ambitious project to date, the Animation Industry Development Initiative aims to create a local animation and new media industry with capable of generating up to 10 000 jobs by 2020. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more


Putnam SWCD Farmer Meeting Dec. 4

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Putnam Soil and Water Conservation District is hosting a farmer meeting on Dec. 4 highlighting water quality and the vital importance of the 4Rs in the Lake Erie Watershed.“My goal is to get every retailer in Putnam County 4R certified and get every acre soil sampled,” said Jeff Duling, with Putnam SWCD.The featured speaker at the event will be Chris Winslow, director of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program that supports greater knowledge and stewardship of Lake Erie. The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Ottawa K of C Hall. Snacks and soft drinks will be provided. For more information contact Putnam SWCD at 419-523-5159.last_img read more


“Preikestolen” GCGGHB GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 3, 2011

first_img SharePrint RelatedPreikestolen — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 4, 2019In “Geocache of the Week””Para Emmy-n-Sapphie” GC19941 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK December 5, 2011December 5, 2011In “Community”Hagen med det rare i— Geocache of the weekJanuary 11, 2017In “Geocache of the Week” View from near ground zero of PreikestolenOut of the 13,000 geocaches in Norway, “Preikestolen” (GCGGHB) has received the most Favorite Points.The  traditional geocache brings adventurers to one of the most popular natural attractions in Norway—”Preikestolen” or “Pulpit Rock.” Geocachers reach the site after a rugged two hour hike.The jagged granite ledge is perched 1982 feet (604 meters) above the waterway below.The geocache “Preikestolen” was hidden in 2003 by Andersen64. The difficulty 1.5, terrain four cache has been found by more than 500 geocachers so far.A geocacher who recently logged “Preikestolen” wrote this: “A wonderful hike with brilliant views on a perfect Saturday while visiting friends in Norway. Well worth the effort.”Preikestolen has received 40 Favorite Points to date. Geocaching Favorites is a new feature on Geocaching.com providing a simple way to track and share the caches that you enjoyed the most. Learn more here.Found!”Preikistolen” or “Pulpit Rock”Continue your exploration with some of the most engaging geocaches from around the world. Explore all the Geocaches of the Week on our blog or view the Bookmark List on Geocaching.com.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more


The world’s most friend-ly geocaching photos

first_imgRobo56 with Paty_Ruth at 4P- Ctenicky haj (GLPGNFNK), Czech RepublicThis is why it’s always better to geocache with a friend – you never know when you’ll need that extra lift! Notognio with Jicki 123 at first one (GLPCQXHP), LuxembourgA small cache nets big smiles from these two pals! xprank with sysmeg at Зелен ад – Zelene peklo – Green Hell (GC4FNB8), BulgariaKeep smiling, don’t turn around. Nothing to see back there. Icke! with DieKaiserin at “Klein Venedig” (GLPGEJMC), Bayern, GermanyThumbs up for new adventures! TeamHokulea with CacherTobi at Hawaii Kai TB hotel (GLPGTN4Y), HawaiiIsland-style geocaching. Abbysch1 with Ces1993 at Bailey’s Happy Landing (GC5B203), Connecticut, United StatesExtra points for bringing the entire crew! During Friend to Find Week, thousands of geocachers took their “muggle” friends to find their very first cache.We were thrilled with the submissions to the Friend to Find photo contest. Almost 2000 entries, from every corner of the world, provided evidence for a lot of friend-ly geocaching. The pictures were all so fun, we wish we could have named them all winners! However, we did cull it down to the Top Ten that we felt did the best job of portraying the breadth of your experiences. Well done to all of the participants, and congratulations to the winners – a new profile badge is headed your way! HumbleCat with ETraveller at Bassett Cove (GLPG6P4N), Southwest England, United KingdomPhotobomb, geocaching style. A big thanks to everyone who participated in Friend to Find Week.Who first introduced you to geocaching? Tell us in the comments below.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedFAQs: The lost treasure of Mary HydeJuly 10, 2017In “Learn”Geocachers make history at Geowoodstock 2018June 29, 2018In “News”A peek into a secret cache building society: Interview with cache owner CacheDweebDecember 20, 2018In “Community” KristaWalks with Zoey_the_Puppy at Elmiras Famous #3 (GLPGAG4A), New York, United StatesHonorable Mention (to be fair, when we announced the contest, we never specified the number of legs). Seemyshell with InTheLoop at 1000 Young (GLPF8P1J), New South Wales, AustraliaSeemyshell knows that if you’re going to introduce a friend to geocaching, you might as well start at the top! Misselyne with GOCLO at la nano a Eric Monté à bord svp (GLPF85TA), Quebec, CanadaCould these two be any more excited?last_img read more


OPP officer cleared of assault charge stemming from incident with Aroland First

first_imgBy Donna Sound APTN National NewsOPP officer cleared of assault charge stemming from incident with Aroland First Nation manAn Ontario judge also found OPP Const. Brian Bellefeuille not guilty of public mischief.The charges stemmed from an investigation by the Special Investigations Unit( SIU).Gary Megan, who alleged he was manhandled by the officer, said still wants to see justice done.“I want him to be held accountable for him slamming me to the floor for no good reason,” said Megan after the verdict came down May 3.“I was grounded to the cement floor of jail cell while my hands were handcuffed behind my back,”  he said.Megan also does not want anyone else to go through what he did.Megan, 42, was arrested for public intoxication outside The Blue Lagoon bar in Geralton, Ont., as he was waiting for a cab home.Megan was injured and had to be taken to hospital.Megan testified in court that “he was knocked out.”Megan had to return to the hospital a second time where he had to get a CT scan and it was discovered he had a serious injury to his face and bone around his eye.“The next day my eye is swollen shut, my face is purple and my eye and my cheekbone is cracked,” Megan said.Megan said this incident has really affected him. Now, if he sees a police officer, he will wait unit the officer leaves before he gets out of his vehicle.“I will never feel the same towards cops, I am scared for my wife and kids now too.  I almost feel like they will be targeted now as a result of complaining to the SIU,” he said.Megan said he thinks the incident stems from an obscene gesture he gave to another officer.During the April 8 trial Bellefeuille, who pleaded not guilty, defended his actions saying Megan resisted arrest.“He absolutely did not resist arrest,” said his wife Delia Okees.She also said there is video to prove this.Megan is from the Aroland First Nation in northern Ontario.Aroland First Nation Chief Sonny Gagnon said he’s not happy with the outcome.“I am appalled by this matter.  Our First Nation has major concerns about what happens when First Nations people call 911 for help,” he said.The SIU is the agency that probes incidents involving police where serious allegations against them are called.Gagnon is calling for a system-wide review of police services because of the rising number of serious complaints in Northern Ontario.The OPP has confirmed to APTN National News that constable Bellefeuille had been suspended, with pay. It is likely he will be reinstated to his duties now that he has not been found guilty of the charges against [email protected]last_img read more

Koulibaly delighted after captaining Napoli to victory

first_imgNapoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly has revealed his delight after captaining the team to a victory over Cagliari on Sunday.The 27-year-old insists he’s happy after leading the Partenopei to a 1-0 victory over Cagliari in the Serie A at the Sardegna Arena.Arkadiusz Milik’s late winner helped Carlo Ancelotti’s side claim their 12th league win of the season and maintain their stronghold on second place on the standings.The Senegal international played the entire 90 minutes and made three tackles to ensure they keep a clean sheet and he took to the social media to express his joy over the win.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“Good and determined: we have proven to be a great team. And what a pride [to have] the captain’s band from the first minute,” Koulibaly tweeted, as quoted by Goal.The win in Sunday is a welcome relief for Napoli, who suffered a disappointing 1-0 loss to Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday which meant they’ll be playing in the Europa League come next year.last_img read more