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Stars Return to Santa Anita

first_imgMornings at The Great Race Place really started to heat up this Friday as workouts resumed on the dirt track. Among the returning stars were Triple Crown Champion, American Pharoah and 2015 Pacific Classic winning mare, Beholder.Check out XpressBet TV’s coverage of these morning workouts, then get set for LIVE racing action at Santa Anita Park starting September 26th. CLICK HERE to visit our Events page for all we have in store for the Autumn meet.American PharoahBeholderlast_img


South Africa’s female vloggers give the inside scoop

first_img31 August 2016Sharing experiences that relate to your audience is one of the key thingsseveral of South Africa’s most popular female vloggers have learned on theirjourney towards internet fame and increasing followers online.In celebrating Women’s Month, we talk to a few of them.Pap CultureFriends Thembe Mahlaba, Bongeka Masango and Nwabisa Mda live and work inCape Town. Masango and Mahlaba are originally from Durban and Mda hails fromJohannesburg. The three young women say they had similar interests and decidedto discuss issues relating to them via YouTube.The name of their collective was born when Mahlaba mistakenly said “papculture” instead of “popular culture” when they were talking about possible themesand names. They laughed about it, paused and realised the name fitted. “Of coursewe know that pap, the mealie meal, is something synonymous with South Africans,”they explain.These young women have covered topics such as blessers, township tourismand Project Find a Bae.Watch Pap Culture’s taxi experiences in Cape Town:Masango told the online magazine 10and5 that they were surprised by how well they had been received by their audience. “We are surprised at how excited people are to watch our content and also how engaging people are.”Mahlaba added: “The thing we always say is: ‘Guys we had this conversationamongst ourselves, obviously we are extending it to you. Without coming out corny,we want to be your friends.’”The women of Pap Culture say their favourite female vloggers include beautyand lifestyle vlogger Cynthia Gwebu, comedian Anne Hirsch, television presenterand comedian Farieda Metsileng, and the web series Foxy Five, the story of five women and sisterhood.Watch Pap Culture host television personality Khanyi Mbau on their show:Anne HirschAnne Hirsch was one of the guests featured on Pap Culture’s Ride Along vlog.On her (s)talk series, The Anne Hirsch Show local celebrities are invited to visit Hirsch.Apart from the opportunity to hug these celebrities, Hirsch gets them to takepart in an activity. For instance, radio DJ Anele Mdoda was asked to go through herphone contacts to call the most famous person on there.After numerous calls to local celebrities, Olympic medallist and well-knownswimmer Cameron van der Burgh answered his phone.Watch Mdoda and Hirsch discuss local celebrities – and then try to phonethem:Hirch and her team started the show in 2013. “It’s not really ‘vlogging’, as Ithink that’s more like a video diary, although I suppose The Anne HirschShow is a diary of my celebrity stalking in a way.“It’s been such an amazing ride with my team so far. We’ve done some crazythings and we’re looking forward to taking the show further.”She is happy they have the freedom to do what they like with it. “Sometimesthis counts against us of course, but there’s something wonderful about makingcontent, putting it out there and then people actually watching it,” she says.“And of course [I enjoy] smelling celebrities, lots of smelling of celebrities.”Hirsch says she learned that you could put anything online. “People will kind oflike it as long as you make a fool of yourself.”Her favourite female vloggers are the team of Pap Culture.Watch Hirsch with comedian Marc Lottering on her show:Nadia JafthaNadia Jaftha started off as a fashion vlogger. She told radio station Cape Talk that she was showing more videos of her interacting with her family, especially her mother, though. “When I started doing funny videos, more people started messaging and following me. Thisis because I became more relatable.”Watch Jaftha and her mother doing their make-up without using amirror:She started pranking her mother – first by acting as if she was smoking in frontof her mother,who threw margarine at her. Jaftha’s audience thought this washilarious. “My mother has always been against me smoking. When I smoked in frontof her, she was ready to literally kill me,” Jaftha laughed.“She got even more upset when she found out she wasn’t in on it.”She was the only one – the whole of Jaftha’s household knew about the prankbeforehand. Her audience loved seeing her mother upset, she says.Watch Jaftha and her mother going to the gym:Suzelle DIYSuzelle DIY recently celebrated their 100 000th subscriber by teaching viewers “How to make a piñata”. Suzelle became an internet sensation through her do it yourself videos on YouTube. On her shows, she motivates her viewers to be creative, “because anybody can [do it yourself]” as she says.Watch Suzelle show youhow to make a piñata for a party:In another video, Suzelle shows her viewers “How to dolly your trolley”. Shetells them to be eco-friendly – for example by taking their own basket to thesupermarket for their groceries. “You don’t have to use any packets, because thebasket can go straight into your car,” she says.Another popular video is Suzelle showing her audience how to make a braaipie. She has even had Tim Noakes on her show to help show viewers how to makepizza out of cauliflower.Her greatest tool was not something you would find in a tool box because itwas her creativity, she told Media Club South Africa. “Sometimes when you don’thave the tool, you need to get creative,” she explained.Suzelle has also recently helped a friend and freelance game park ranger, RynoErasmus, launch his YouTube show, Ryno in the Bush.Watch Suzelle show you how to make a cinderblock bench:Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website?See Using SouthAfrica.info materiallast_img read more


Australian referees named for 2015 World Cup

first_imgRelated LinksWorld Cup referees Touch Football Australia (TFA) is pleased to announce the Australian referee contingent for the upcoming Touch World Cup to be held in Coffs Harbour from Wednesday, 29 April to Sunday, 3 May 2015. The following referees will join referees from across the globe in officiating the event, we congratulate them on their efforts and commitment to the sport to get them to this level, and wish them the best of luck as they represent themselves and their country in a home World Cup. To keep up-to-date with the latest news and information in the lead up to the 2015 World Cup, please visit the following website and social media pages:Website – www.touchworldcup.comFacebook – www.facebook.com/touchworldcupTwitter – www.twitter.com/touchworldcup15Instagram – www.instagram.com/touchworldcup2015 center_img Nicholas AltinDavid BaggioVictor BaptistaRobert BowenNathan BudgeTony CalabriaScott CampbellDamien CarlsonAnnabelle ConnollyBrett FreshwaterJohn FrostIndra GarnerWilliam GreatbatchSamantha HaconLuke HeckendorfRenee JanesMark KellyMichael LandsbergMatthew LaveryDale LawrenceGiancarlo LeungMichael LittlefieldPhillip LoweScott MarshJo MasonRichard McIlroyLuke McKenzieBarry McNamaraMichael MedlinChristopher MurrayBernard O’DonohueJustin ParsonsTimothy PearsonTom PolkinghorneMatthew PrendergastLuke SaldernAmanda SheekyAmanda SingleKim SkellyWilliam SladeAnthony SmithBradley SmithAndrew SmithJames SteinbergAnthony SutersPaul SullivanJohn TaylorGregory TaylorTerri ThomasAnton Van RensburgJosh VernonAdam VickeryRebecca WardMichael WattDenise Weierlast_img read more


FAA orders emergency jet engine inspections after US plane failure

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. New US aviation safety inspections after Southwest mishap Citation: FAA orders emergency jet engine inspections after US plane failure (2018, April 21) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-04-maker-urges-rapid-southwest-failure.html Explore further The Federal Aviation Administration on Friday ordered emergency inspections of jet engines like the one that ruptured during a recent Southwest Airlines flight, leaving one passenger dead. © 2018 AFP National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine damage to a Southwest Airlines plane that suffered catastrophic engine failure on April 17, 2018, killing a mother of two and forcing an emergency landing “Fan blade failure due to cracking, if not addressed, could result in an engine in-flight shutdown (IFSD), uncontained release of debris, damage to the engine, damage to the airplane and possible airplane decompression,” the regulatory authority said.In line with recommendations made earlier by engine maker CFM, the FAA ordered that all CFM56-7B engines that have performed 30,000 or more total accumulated flight cycles be inspected within 20 days. That affects about 352 engines in the United States, or 681 worldwide.Each inspection of the engines, which power Boeing 737 aircraft, takes about four hours, according to CFM International, a joint venture between America’s GE Aviation and France’s Safran Aircraft Engines.It says about 150 of the engines have already gone through the process.A cycle concerns a complete flight, from engine start to takeoff and landing to complete shutdown.Once the inspections are completed, CFM recommended to repeat the process every 3,000 cycles—about two years in airline service—but the FAA did not require such a measure.CFM also recommended that fan blades with more than 20,000 cycles be inspected by the end of August—affecting an additional 2,500 engines.Around 60 airlines use the CFM56-7B, according to the company, which said GE and Safran have mobilized about 500 technicians “to support customers and minimize operational disruptions” related to the inspections.The directive comes after the left engine of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suddenly blew apart during a Tuesday flight from New York to Dallas. The shrapnel shattered a window and depressurized the cabin, partially sucking a woman out of the plane.Fellow passengers pulled the passenger—identified as Jennifer Riordan, 43—back in, but she later died of her injuries. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.A first inspection of the Boeing 737’s damaged engine showed that an engine fan blade was missing, apparently broken due to metal fatigue, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.Southwest announced just hours after the incident that it would conduct additional inspections of its CFM56-7B engines.A similar accident on a separate Southwest flight in August 2016 had forced the plane, equipped with the same engine, to make an emergency landing. There were no victims.CFM and the FAA both called for inspections of the engines at the time, but the regulators did not publish a directive. read more