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Trump stomps on Obamacare open enrollment launch with approval for Georgia to end it

first_img– Advertisement – Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services Director Seema Verma said in a statement Sunday that “The Obamacare Exchanges have not worked for Georgians, leaving them with fewer options and skyrocketing premiums. […] Today’s approval of the states waiver will usher in a groundswell of healthcare innovation that will deliver lower costs, better care, and more choice to Georgians in the individual market.” Which is ,of course, not true. Georgia’s uninsured rate is 13.7% as of now—the state didn’t expand Medicaid—fully 5 points lower than it was in 2013, before the law took effect.The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities estimate tens of thousands of Georgians will lose coverage because of this. They’ll have to “navigate the type of fragmented insurance system of brokers and insurers the ACA was intended to remedy,” CBPP predicts. They won’t have the simple apples-to-apples experience provided by, and will be more susceptible to being duped by Trump’s substandard plans that don’t provide comprehensive coverage. This doesn’t expand choice for Georgians in any way, it just makes it a lot harder for them to find the information they need to make an informed choice. It will probably keep people who would qualify for Medicaid out of the program, as brokers are going to be a lot less likely to inform them that they’re eligible for that when they can steer them into a private plan, for which they’re probably getting a commission.- Advertisement – Sen. Ron Wyden, who authored the provision in the ACA allowing for these waivers, said the administration and Georgia Republicans “are using a perverted and illegal interpretation of the law I wrote to push junk insurance.” Wyden’s provision explicitly says that states using these waivers have to cover as many people as the ACA, with the same quality and affordability as offered through the Obamacare exchange.  “Any state—including Georgia—that tries to make health care worse using this waiver is consciously breaking the law and recklessly endangering American families, all to sabotage the Affordable Care Act,” Wyden said. “Distorting black-letter law to suit a political crusade has consequences.”The consequences are likely to be another court challenge, like the states that have fought back against the efforts of the administration to impose work requirements on Medicaid, along with other elements of Obamacare sabotage.last_img read more


5 Things We Know About Climate Change and Hurricanes

first_imgHurricanes are complex, but one of the key factors that determines how strong a given storm ultimately becomes is ocean surface temperature, because warmer water provides more of the energy that fuels storms.“Potential intensity is going up,” said Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “We predicted it would go up 30 years ago, and the observations show it going up.” It still isn’t clear whether that’s an exception or part of an upward trend, Dr. Kossin said. He noted that climate change might ultimately result in fewer storms.- Advertisement – The tumultuous season has raised questions about how much climate change is affecting hurricanes in the Atlantic. Researchers can’t say for sure whether human-caused climate change will mean longer or more active hurricane seasons in the future, but there is broad agreement on one thing: Global warming is changing storms.Scientists say, for example, that unusually warm Atlantic surface temperatures have helped to increase storm activity this season. The warmer ocean temperatures are “absolutely responsible for the hyperactive season,” said James P. Kossin, a climate scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “It’s very likely that human-caused climate change contributed to that anomalously warm ocean.” Stronger winds mean downed power lines, damaged roofs and, when paired with rising sea levels, worse coastal flooding.“Even if storms themselves weren’t changing, the storm surge is riding on an elevated sea level,” Dr. Emanuel said. He used New York City as an example, where sea levels have risen about a foot in the past century. “If Sandy’s storm surge had occurred in 1912 rather than 2012,” he said, “it probably wouldn’t have flooded Lower Manhattan.”2. More rainWarming also increases the amount of water vapor that the atmosphere can hold. In fact, every degree Celsius of warming allows the air to hold about 7 percent more water.That means we can expect future storms to unleash higher amounts of rainfall.3. Slower stormsResearchers do not yet know why storms are moving more slowly, but they are. Some say a slowdown in global atmospheric circulation, or global winds, could be partly to blame.In a 2018 paper, Dr. Kossin found that hurricanes over the United States had slowed 17 percent since 1947. Combined with the increase in rain rates, storms are causing a 25 percent increase in local rainfall in the United States, he said.Slower, wetter storms also worsen flooding. Dr. Kossin likened the problem to walking around your back yard while using a hose to spray water on the ground. If you walk fast, the water won’t have a chance to start pooling. But if you walk slowly, he said, “you’ll get a lot of rain below you.”4. Wider-ranging stormsBecause warmer water helps fuel hurricanes, climate change is enlarging the zone where hurricanes can form. It has been a record season for storms. On Monday night, Subtropical Storm Theta became the 29th named storm of the 2020 hurricane season, surpassing the total count from 2005.Theta formed after Tropical Storm Eta spent the day battering Florida, causing heavy rains and flooding in the state’s south and the Keys.- Advertisement –center_img There’s a “migration of tropical cyclones out of the tropics and toward subtropics and middle latitudes,” Dr. Kossin said. That could mean more storms making landfall in higher latitudes, like in the United States or Japan.5. More volatilityAs the climate warms, researchers also say they expect storms to intensify more rapidly. Researchers are still unsure why it’s happening, but the trend appears to be clear.In a 2017 paper based on climate and hurricane models, Dr. Emanuel found that storms that intensify rapidly — the ones that increase their wind speed by 70 miles per hour or more in the 24 hours before landfall — were rare in the period from 1976 through 2005. On average, he estimated, their likelihood in those years was equal to about once per century.By the end of the 21st century, he found, those storms might form once every five or 10 years.“It’s a forecaster’s nightmare,” Dr. Emanuel said. If a tropical storm or Category 1 hurricane develops into a Category 4 hurricane overnight, he said, “there’s no time to evacuate people.” – Advertisement – Either way, he said, “climate change is making it more likely for hurricanes to behave in certain ways.”Here are some of those ways.1. Higher windsThere’s a solid scientific consensus that hurricanes are becoming more powerful.- Advertisement –last_img read more


Trump is in fantasyland and top Republicans won’t challenge him, because ‘We need his voters’

first_imgCramer is making the bet that if he calls for “a peaceful transition,” the media will treat him as a reasonable and responsible public figure even as he lies about the prevalence of fraud and backs Trump’s continuing legal challenges—challenges that are, let’s be clear, not “appropriate.”According to Senate Majority Whip John Thune, Biden should get classified briefings because “I think that it probably makes sense to prepare for all contingencies.” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is hoping Trump’s legal challenges end “inside a week or so.” But on Wednesday, Thune got to the heart of Republican reticence to challenge Trump, saying “We need his voters.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – But that kind of hinting is about all these profiles in courage are willing to do. Trump, meanwhile, is bouncing from one self-serving fantasy to another without regard for how it will affect the nation—and while he fantasizes, he has pretty much quit doing the job of president, to the extent he ever did it. Trump is, of course, watching lots of television and tweeting out lies in all caps, while, Maggie Haberman reports, he “has insisted to aides that he really defeated Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Nov. 3, but it is unclear whether he actually believes it.” Advisers have reportedly tried to tell him he lost and won’t be able to overturn the election, but Trump keeps coming up with new ideas for trying to do so, even as he also talks about running in 2024 (which means admitting he lost in 2020) or building his own right-wing media empire (which, ditto). But Trump keeps coming back to his attempts to at least undermine the results of the election if he can’t overturn it.Georgia is supposed to certify its results on November 20, Michigan and Pennsylvania do so on November 23, Arizona on November 30, and Wisconsin on December 1. Trump looks set to keep trying to attack the results in several of those states, Senate Republicans have made clear they won’t oppose him doing so, and every one of those states has Republicans in positions that could allow them to attempt to overturn the will of the voters. Democracy is not out of the woods yet, in other words, despite President-elect Biden’s clear and convincing victory.- Advertisement –last_img read more


Lewis Hamilton claims seventh F1 title after epic Turkish GP wet victory

first_img– Advertisement – Hamilton joins Michael Schumacher as a seven-time F1 world champion after amazing Istanbul victory from sixth on the grid Last Updated: 15/11/20 12:04pm – Advertisement – Lewis Hamilton passes Sergio Perez into Turn 12 to take the lead at the Turkish GP 0:52 – Advertisement – center_img 1:25 Max Verstappen gets wayward in Sergio Perez’s spray and spins, flat-spotting his tyres during the Turkish GP Max Verstappen gets wayward in Sergio Perez’s spray and spins, flat-spotting his tyres during the Turkish GP Both Red Bulls could have won the race but spins for each of Max Verstappen and Alex Albon put paid to the team’s hopes.More to follow… – Advertisement – Lewis Hamilton passes Sergio Perez into Turn 12 to take the lead at the Turkish GP Lewis Hamilton clinched the 2020 F1 championship with a stupendous drive to victory in a wet and unpredictable Turkish GP to equal Michael Schumacher’s illustrious record of seven drivers’ world titles.In a race in which numerous drivers could have won in challenging wet conditions, Hamilton pulled off an unlikely but fitting triumph from sixth on the grid to seal his seventh title with his 94th career win.Already the record holder for the most victories, pole positions, podiums and points, Hamilton’s equalling of the prestigious titles record means he is now statistically the most successful F1 driver of all time.Incredibly, Hamilton also lapped the only man who could have denied him the title on Sunday – Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who endured a torrid afternoon and spun five times.Racing Point’s Lance Stroll had impressively led the first half of the race from his brilliant pole position but saw his hopes of a maiden victory evaporate after a second pit stop and he dropped to ninth place.Sergio Perez took on the mantle for Racing Point but was overtaken by Hamilton and finished 25 seconds behind the new seven-time champion. The Mexican just held on to second place after a last-lap lunge from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.But while Perez held on to second, Leclerc lost his third position to team-mate Sebastian Vettel – who claimed his first podium of a torrid season on a strong afternoon for Ferrari.last_img read more


Study: Drug-resistant plague may signal health threat

first_imgMarch 30, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Genetic elements that confer multidrug resistance (MDR) in both plague and foodborne bacteria have a common origin and may represent a significant public health threat, according to a study published Mar 20 in the journal PLoS One (Public Library of Science One).The MDR strain of Yersina pestis (IP275) was identified in 1995 in a single patient in Madagascar who had bubonic plague, the disease that caused the “Black Death” in Europe in the mid 1300s and continues to crop up in small outbreaks today. IP275 exhibited high-level resistance to at least eight drugs used for treating plague, including streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, and sulfonamides. An additional strain of MDR plague has since been described in another patient.In the Madagascar case, antibiotic resistance was found to arise from a self-transmissible plasmid, a small ring of DNA that can move between bacteria. Transmission of plasmids is one way bacteria acquire new genetic material, including genes that confer resistance to drugs. Increased drug resistance can also arise from indiscriminate use of antimicrobials in people and in agriculture, according to many infectious disease experts.In the PLoS article, an international team of researchers report finding common elements in the sequences of MDR plasmids from plague, a Salmonella species, and a related Yersinia species, an unexpected result that heightens concern about the spread of antibiotic resistance and re-emergence of plague. The first author of the report is Timothy J. Welch, an aquaculture researcher with the US Department of Agriculture.Related MDR plasmids in multiple speciesThe investigators analyzed and compared the sequences of large, nearly identical MDR plasmids from Y pestis strain IP275; Salmonella enterica serotype Newport, a foodborne pathogen; and Y ruckeri, a fish pathogen. Comparisons of plasmid gene sequences demonstrated that they were closely related and had a common origin, the report says.Sequence analysis of plasmids revealed nearly identical “backbones,” consisting of 135 genes located at similar positions, and resistance genes for multiple antimicrobial agents. The common backbone also contained a gene conferring resistance to sulfonamides and four locations that had inserted antimicrobial resistance genes. All plasmids also had another area that can act as a “hot spot” for insertion of foreign DNA.The presence of closely related antibiotic-resistance plasmids in different species of bacteria is not a new finding, but this example suggests that all these organisms had recently acquired plasmids from a common source, the authors say. They base this belief on the presence of resistance to sulfonamides, drugs first introduced into clinical use in the 1930s. The authors acknowledge that the exact timing of the plasmid introduction remains unknown, however. They suggest that one possible mechanism for plasmid transfer to Y pestis may have been coinfection of a mammalian host or in the midgut of the flea.”The fact that we found a plasmid usually found in Salmonella in Y pestis is a big problem,” said Jacques Ravel of The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), senior author of the study. “It also raises a question about how this happened, how it went from one to the other.” Ravel was quoted in a news release from TIGR.MDR plasmids found in foodborne pathogensAlthough MDR plasmids in Y pestis and Y ruckeri are rare, antimicrobial resistance in other bacteria such as foodborne Salmonella is more common. Surveillance data from many countries indicate that the incidence of MDR Salmonella has been increasing, and the authors sought to determine the type of MDR resistance in foodborne pathogens and compare it with MDR resistance found in plague.The research team used gene sequencing techniques to analyze the occurrence and distribution of the common plasmid background in three sets of samples: 125 MDR Salmonella strains recovered from retail meats from 2002 to 2005 through the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS), a small collection of E coli strains recovered from food samples, and Klebsiella isolates from ground turkey meat from Iowa.The authors detected the common MDR plasmid backbone in multiple Salmonella serotypes, nine samples of Klebsiella from ground turkey, and E coli isolated from a calf and from ground turkey. The discovery of these MDR plasmids in evolutionarily distinct bacteria indicates recent genetic exchange, either directly between species or through bacterial intermediates, according to the authors. They suggest that the overlapping ranges of these organisms may have aided past transmission, and perhaps may facilitate future transmission between organisms, a potentially dangerous occurrence.Resistance transferred experimentallyThe researchers also conducted transfer experiments with the plasmids found in 70 MDR-positive foodborne organisms to assess the potential for interspecies transfer. The investigators were able to transfer related-resistance plasmids from 30 of the foodborne pathogens to Y ruckeri, a plague-related pathogen. These experiments demonstrate a potential for Y pestis and other animal pathogens to acquire resistance, although the authors acknowledge that other factors such as additional genes and host protective systems may also influence plasmid transfer.The potential for transfer should not be underestimated, however, the authors state. Elisabeth Carniel of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, a co-author of the report, said in the press release, “When we identified the first Y pestis strain resistant to multiple antibiotics, we warned that if this type of strain spreads or emerges again, it would pose a serious health problem. The discovery that the multidrug resistance plasmid acquired by the plague bacillus is widespread in the environmental bacteria reinforces this warning.”The authors suggest that antimicrobial resistance monitoring should be expanded, especially in areas such as Africa, Asia, and the southwestern United States, where both Y pestis and MDR Salmonella are found and are likely to come into direct contact. The investigators also say their methodology can provide the means to monitor such plasmids in pathogens recovered from diverse environments.Antibiotic overuse may promote resistance transferOlaf Schneewind, MD, PhD, a microbiologist who has studied how plague affects the immune system, commented that the discovery of transfer of antibiotic resistance between bacterial species is not new, but agreed that the authors’ findings suggest a possible public health threat. He told CIDRAP News that overuse of antibiotics, particularly in agriculture, increases the likelihood of transfer of drug resistance to virulent organisms.”Widespread use of antimicrobials leads to drug resistance in organisms we would not usually expect, and that creates a potential public health risk,” said Schneewind, chairman of the department of microbiology in the biological sciences division at the University of Chicago. Schneewind has examined mechanisms and strategies of pathogenic bacteria, including plague, and plague vaccine candidates.Schneewind noted that as a zoonotic disease, plague exists in the background in many areas, needing only the right circumstances to cause outbreaks. An outbreak of MDR plague in an area well-connected to the rest of the world could pose a serious public health problem, he said.Welch TJ, Fricke WF, McDermott PF, et al. Multiple antimicrobial resistance in plague: an emerging public health threat. PLoS One 2007 Mar 20;2(3):e309 [Full text]See also:Mar 20 news release from TIGR M, Carniel E, Courvalin P. Resistance of Yersinia pestis to antimicrobial agents. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2006 Oct;50(10):3233-36 [Full text]CIDRAP plague overviewlast_img read more


Procedure related to the employment of foreigners

first_imgNa sjednici Vlade RH održanoj 7. prosinca 2017. g. donesena je Odluka Vlade RH o utvrđivanju godišnje kvote dozvola za zapošljavanje stranaca za kalendarsku godinu 2018. (dalje: Odluka). Odluka je objavljena u Narodnim novinama 8. prosinca 2017.g. te stupa na snagu osmog dana od dana objave, odnosno 16. prosinca 2017.g.The procedure itself and the necessary documentation are prescribed Aliens Act te Ordinance on the status and work of foreigners in the Republic of Croatia (Please note that the Regulations at this link are not the latest version, (the last amendments to the Ordinance published on 11 October 2017 in OG no. 100/2017.)The documentation is submitted to the police administration / station according to the alien’s place of residence or intended residence (alternatively, there is a possibility for the alien to submit a request to the diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Croatia) and the police administration / station decides whether to grant permits. Permits are issued for a period of one year, after which there is a possibility of extending the license.Ova Odluka ne odnosi na zapošljavanje građana država članica EU niti visokokvalificiranih radnika – državljana trećih država na koje se odnosi mogućnost zapošljavanja izvan godišnje kvote odnosno na temelju EU plave karte. Sukladno članku 191. Zakona o strancima državljanin treće države koji je visokokvalificirani radnik dužan je podnijeti zahtjev za izdavanje dozvole za boravak i rad (»EU plave karte«) u diplomatskoj misiji, odnosno konzularnom uredu Republike Hrvatske, ili policijskoj upravi/postaji prema namjeravanom mjestu boravka. Takva dozvola boravka i rada je istodobno odobrenje za privremeni boravak i rad na području Republike Hrvatske.Documentation that the employer or foreign worker must enclose when issuing the permit:A residence and work permit may be granted to a third-country national who, while fulfilling the conditions referred to in Article 54 of the Aliens Act (valid travel document, health insurance, proof of means of subsistence), submits:completed application for a residence and work permit (Form 9a)fotografiju u boji veličine 35×45 mma copy of a valid travel documentproof of insured health insuranceproof of secured means of subsistenceemployment contract, ie a written confirmation of the concluded employment contract or other appropriate contractproof of acquired educational qualification and qualifications of the foreignerproof of registration of a company, branch, representative office, trade, family farm, association or institution in the Republic of Croatia (excerpts from the relevant register may not be older than 6 months)An EU blue card is issued to a third-country national in the form of a biometric residence permit.The documentation is submitted to the police administration / station according to the alien’s place of residence or intended residence (alternatively, there is a possibility for the alien to submit a request to the diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Croatia) and the police administration / station decides whether to grant permits. Permits are issued for a period of one year, after which there is a possibility of extending the license.Find more information at MUP website where you can find more detailed instructions.Related news: FINALLY FOUND SOLUTION AGAINST LACK OF LABOR IN TOURISMlast_img read more


Eco Domus – Certification program for eco-friendly accommodation in the County of Istria / Petra Baldaš Beato, Village experience Baldaši

first_imgPhoto: Village experience Canopies The Eco Domus labeling program is implemented with the aim of increasing social and environmental responsibility in tourism. It is in line with global guidelines for sustainable development and guarantees comprehensive protection of the environment and health.  You mentioned trends. What can we expect in the future?  Tell us something about the Eco Domus program: when was it launched, who is it for and what are its goals? For this purpose, this year, with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism development, informing about existing eco-friendly content in Istria, monitoring trends in the world, and raising awareness of the importance of ecology and networking stakeholders of ecological offer in Istria, we decided to produce the first brochure on eco-friendly content in Istria under the title Istria ecoxperience – All eco from Istria. The brochure also includes Eco Domus facilities, which are thus promoted, both among the domicile population and among domestic and foreign guests. The brochure is distributed through the system of tourist boards in Istria and beyond.  The environment is shaped positively. The local community increased the number of green islands and successively replaced public lighting with an acceptable ecological one. Residents are adapting to the requirements of the new standards. In the certification process itself, the most important thing for us was the availability of a professional advisor. It would be difficult to cope without quality information about manufacturers, types and characteristics of products, or the expected effects. ENERGY: With the aim of saving, energy consumption is monitored and energy-saving lamps are used in at least 80% of lighting fixtures and at least one device of A or more energy class. Our parents had the rare privilege of diverse and fulfilling tourism careers. We have fond memories of the ‘important logistical tasks’ that we, as children, responsibly presented to our guests. I guess it already started there. Tourism is in our home every day and always. This was followed by schooling, language learning, various specializations, first work experiences, focusing on new challenges, IPARD programs, ‘bolder’ borrowing and, today we are shaping – OPG Village Experience Baldaši. Guests react positively. They are currently collaborating. They are happy to take care of the environment even in small communities. They seem to be more environmentally conscious. Eco Domus is intended for small tourist accommodation facilities with a capacity of up to 30 beds, and its goal is to encourage private renters to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism development is very important because it meets the needs of tourists and the domicile population. It seeks to achieve resource management in such a way that economic, social and environmental needs are met by maintaining cultural integrity, basic ecological processes, biodiversity, and the systems on which life rests.  Joining the Eco Domus program is recommended, because it complements our thinking, motivates the way of life and improves business results. Our goal is to continuously work on promoting and attracting new private renters to get involved in the program. In the next few years, we would like to gather between 50-100 such facilities in Istria that operate in an environmentally friendly manner. As part of the program, we will, as before, organize trainings for the involved landlords about new trends, the importance of sustainable and responsible behavior towards the environment and everything else that can help them in their business. And we will also help them with promotion and connecting with the market. Facilities bearing the Eco Domus sign they met at least 50 basic criteria in 12 categories, which are as follows:  Petra Baldaš Beato is the owner of the Baldaš family farm, which realized this beautiful project in the village of Baldaši near Vižinada, about 15 km from Poreč in the interior of Istria. WE TALKED ABOUT THE ECO DOMUS PROGRAM WITH NADA PRODAN MRAKOVIĆ, HEAD OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTRIES ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT After the first 11 facilities to which they were provided free consulting services about adapting their eco-label facility and who met the criteria and were handed them appropriate tables and promotional materials for marking their accommodation facility, during the last year, 15 new buildings underwent the same procedure, and acquired the right to display the Eco Domus label. We started gradually. In the end, it wasn’t that hard. After a year of doing business with a certificate, how do you look at it now, how does it affect your business? LOCAL VALUES: Local cultural and natural heritage, local lifestyle and traditional fairs and customs are valorized and promoted with the aim of preserving Istrian heritage and authenticity. NOISE AND LIGHT POLLUTION: Silence is important for the health of humans and other living beings. The alternation of day and night, light and darkness, is extremely important for normal biological processes. Therefore, efforts are made to remove sources of noise and light pollution and use luminaires with light temperatures up to 3.000 K. HYGIENE: Only eco-certified toiletries and personal hygiene products are used in order to protect the health of guests and avoid releasing harmful substances into the environment. Was it difficult for you to harmonize your business with the 50 criteria required to obtain the Eco Domus certificate? FOOD AND DRINK: Local food and beverage producers and local cuisine are promoted. Would you recommend others to join the Eco Domus program? Photo: Village experience Canopies What was your motivation for joining the Eco Domus program? It is a continuation of the activities started by the Istra Bike & Bed project with the aim of diversifying and raising the quality of private accommodation in the County of Istria in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism development.  MOBILITY: When exploring local attractions, it is suggested to use public transport, bicycles that the host can offer or walking instead of using motor vehicles.  WASHING, CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: Only eco-certified washing and cleaning products are used. The introduction of eco-certified products protects the health of staff, guests, the environment and the wider community. As part of the Eco Domus Certification Program for Eco Friendly Accommodation, initiated by the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, we present one of the first landlords to join the program in early 2017. In addition, we presented specialized facilities, the so-called “Green” channels of promotion and sales, which will connect them with environmentally conscious guests who are looking for just such accommodation.  For this purpose, criteria for the implementation of certification, visual identity and project logo were developed, and over the past two years, public calls for expressions of interest for involvement in the project were conducted in cooperation with external expert Milena Radošević from Aktivist doo from Pula. Photo: Village experience Canopies With the aim of including new facilities in the Eco Domus program, a public call is underway inviting all interested landlords from Istria to join this program, which encourages sustainable and responsible business. Photo: Village experience Canopies How did your guests react to the fact that you have an Eco Domus certificate? For more information about the landlord visit:  What was the hardest for you, and what was the easiest? What is your opinion about the certification process itself and what helped you the most? The public invitation was published on the website of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, where you can find all the necessary information, forms and conditions for obtaining the Eco Domus certificate.  WATER: With the aim of saving, water consumption is monitored and jet reducers are used on taps and showers, which reduce consumption by up to 70%.  Initially, we found the 50 criteria of the Eco Domus program very demanding. We singled out the group we cater to, focusing on the group we need to cater to. We consulted the profession, the external advisor of the Istrian County, Mr. Milena Radošević. Little time, little investment – the sequel was not difficult.  WASTE: Waste generation is avoided, natural materials are used, waste is collected and recycled separately. How many renters met the criteria and what are those criteria? GOVERNANCE AND COMMUNICATION: The staff who manage the accommodation facility have been educated about the Eco Domus rules and a policy for the sustainability of the facility has been developed.  INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS: They try to use natural materials and eco-certified products when choosing textiles, paints and varnishes, furniture and other useful items. Eco Domus facilities have undertaken a responsible purchase in the future.  Has Eco Domus encouraged change in other areas of your business or family life? The modus operandi of our family has basically not changed much. It is interesting that on the one hand, no guest complained about, for example, poorer water flow, and we, on the other hand, were surprised by significant economic savings. In particular, our water and electricity bills are, on an annual basis, about a third lower than in previous years! How can those interested apply for the Eco Domus program? SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: Social engagement in the local community is one of the key elements of sustainable tourism development. Eco Domus facilities create examples of good practice and the owners are often involved in additional activities important for sustainable development. One of the general goals of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria is the sustainable development of tourism in Istria, and the development of Istria as a quality tourist destination. Following these goals, which are based on the Master Plan for the Development of Istria Tourism from 2015-2025, the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County in 2016 launched a new certification program for eco-friendly accommodation called Eco Domus.  In the family farm, he encouraged and brought closer reflections on new thematic services, and individually – it seems that we all read product declarations in turn. These are those prints written in ‘small print’. Let’s choose the least damage !! Life in the countryside gives a stronger ‘touch’ with nature. Nature is the most valuable resource in tourism. This criterion ran from the initial design of the space to the construction and selection of materials, from the planning and selection of content to the final services. We were motivated to join the Eco Domus program. Currently, 3% of international holiday trips are motivated by ecotourism, with a strong tendency to increase in the coming years. Namely, the growing ecological awareness conditions the annual growth of ecotourism between 10-20%. Such facilities are already in high demand in the world today and according to a survey by Tripadvisor, 57% of passengers on their trips choose accommodation, transport or food that meet and apply eco-friendly standards and practices. In addition, 50% of travelers would pay more for accommodation in an eco-friendly accommodation facility. Tell us something about yourself, how did you start doing tourism and why? Criteria for obtaining a certificate can be viewed at this link:  How did your environment react? What are the further activities within the Eco Domus program? Therefore, whether it is done to attract new guests, or for themselves, it is definitely worth investing in raising the environmental standards of accommodation. In addition to the savings that are achieved in the business itself, the environment is preserved, and each invested kuna is returned many times over.last_img read more


The world’s most comprehensive tourism reputation management system – eDEST – was presented

first_imgNumerous opinions, attitudes and feelings of tourists are generated daily in the online space on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), specialized review sites, forums, blogs and other online sources. A key challenge in this context is the ability to monitor and evaluate content on multiple platforms and in multiple languages, and to use them for the purpose of faster, simpler and better management of destination development and promotion.  From a marketing perspective, the results of this research represent valuable input information for: Tourism strategies, marketing plans, branding strategies, communication campaigns and optimization of communication and promotional activities towards individual markets.  “This is the result of great cooperation and creativity of the international team, which we are extremely proud of. It is a unique, science-based tool that measures the overall image of a destination. It was created as a result of extensive scientific and empirical research by the thinktourism and Horwath HTL team. eDEST was developed as a tool for monitoring and improving the tourist experience and for optimizing the communication and sales activities of the destination” said Katarina Miličević, director of thinktourism. The eDEST system was developed to provide destinations with a comprehensive online analysis, ie to help them improve marketing activities in an effective way. The eDEST system finds and collects relevant online content that is analyzed using big data tools to reveal hidden patterns and correlations in the data and gain a deeper insight into the image of the destination and the experience of tourists at the level of country, region, city, destination or tourist attraction.  Key users of the eDEST system include ministries and national tourism organizations, regional and destination tourism organizations, city administrations, marketing agencies, and tourism attraction managers. Horwath HTL and the company thinktourism, today presented an innovative system of tourism reputation management, ie a tool for a comprehensive analysis of the image of a tourist destination – eDEST.  As the authors point out, eDEST has a number of significant advantages over traditional surveys: No sample size limit: it is competitively priced in primary research, but without sample size and geographic market constraints, and without language constraints. Greater efficiency is achieved through precise analysis achieved using a specialized natural language processing algorithm. Ability to monitor, collect and segment a very wide sample of data from various online sources, and contribute to strategic marketing activities, ie provides precise and focused guidance for future marketing activities.center_img “We are delighted to enter into this partnership of developing the systems necessary for the tourism industry for an informed and efficient process of managing marketing activities and general destination development. For the first time we are able to quantify the elements of the destination image and thus assess the effectiveness of marketing activities” said Siniša Topalović, ISHC, partner in HORWATH HTL. The most important thing is that through eDEST we can get an in-depth insight into the perspective of visitors related to individual elements of the destination, which is again the basis for improving the user experience. This was exactly the goal of the research and the entire platform – analysis and evaluation of content from social networks, and the eDEST system was created. Source: thinktourism The eDEST system enables the identification and evaluation of the most important dimensions that affect the image of a particular destination (eg nature, culture, accommodation, gastronomy, sustainability, atmosphere in the destination, etc.), together with their affective value, including positive feelings (eg pleasure, excitement) and negative impressions (eg shocking situations, crowds, dissatisfaction) that tourists experience during their stay in the destination.last_img read more


Among the 500 best extra virgin olive oils in the world, 15% is located in Istria

first_imgRELATED NEWS: CROATIAN OLIVE OIL CHIAVALON AMONG THE BEST DESIGNED IN THE WORLD Also, the Ivošević touched on one important topic, and that is that we must start respecting ourselves, in order for others to start respecting us, and points out that he believes that it is extremely important to be aware of the fact that in no discipline, in any industry, in sport or in any other important competition or simply in places where a reputation is gained and confirmed, we do not have such success as the Istrian extra virgin olive oil has for five years in a row. “We are very proud of this fact, but it seems that a lot of work is needed both in our country and abroad, to give this primacy full and real value, to become aware of it first in Croatia and then all those who promote Croatian gastronomy. they proudly point it out. I believe that the time has come and that five years of confirmation is enough proof to realize that we are the best in the world in something. ” concluded Ivošević. This global success certainly contributes to the branding of Croatia, and especially Istria as a gastronomic destination, given that extra virgin olive oil is the main addition to dishes and the basic food product of the Mediterranean diet, and is valued almost everywhere in the world for its organoleptic and medicinal properties. “It sounds unreal and I would say pretentious, but for the fifth year in a row, Istria has been declared the best olive growing region in the world. Since its first edition, in 2010, Istria has immediately taken an important role and positioned itself as the second best olive growing region, just behind Tuscany. However, every year the advantage of Tuscany was smaller, and at the end of 2016 it took the leading position that it has maintained to this day, but with a far greater difference than Tuscany previously had in relation to Istria. The fact that Istria has 77 olive growers and Tuscany 53 speaks volumes about what it looks like this year. An even more important fact is that over 1.500 samples from all over the world arrive for evaluation. after that, a selection of the 500 best in the world is made and that within the 500 best Istria has its 77, which is really impressive ”  Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria County Tourist Board. No, ono najvažnije u cijeloj priči je kako se priča oko istarskog maslinovog ulja, kao i vina, odlično uklopila i spojila s turizmom kroz kvalitetan zaokružen turistički proizvod – što je i imeprativ. Fokus je na kvaliteti, a ne kvantiteti. Every year before that day, a new edition is expected with great expectations, and so far that day has always been happy for Istria, for Istrian tourism, and most of all for every Istrian olive grower who is included in the guide.  77 Istrian olive growers included in the prestigious guide U novom izdanju tzv. ‘biblije za ekstra djevičanska maslinova ulja’ uvršteno je 79 ulja s područja Hrvatske od kojih je 77 iz Istre te jedan sa otoka Krka i jedan iz Dalmacije. Pritom, većina maslinara postigla je bolje rezultate u odnosu na lani, što je dokaz značajnog rada na podizanju kvalitete i primjene najnovijih znanstveno-tehnoloških dostignuća u maslinarstvu. See the list of Croatian olive growers among the 500 best according to the Flos Olei 2020 guide HERE U Rimu je prošli tjedan i  službeno promovirano jedanaesto izdanje najutjecajnijeg svjetskog vodiča za vrhunska ekstra djevičanska maslinova ulja Flos Olei 2020.  EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “ISTRIA” PROTECTED AT THE LEVEL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION COOPERATION BETWEEN SOTHEBY’S AUCTION HOUSE AND THE ISTRIA COUNTY TZ: THE FIRST AUCTION OF THE WHITE ISTRIAN TRUFFLE IS ORGANIZED IN LONDON Cover photo: Flos Olei Namely, Istria in 2020 again adorns the title of the highest quality extra virgin olive growing region in the world, for the fifth time in a row in a winning streak. This is especially important considering that the publication contains oils from all over the world, ie from 53 olive-growing countries, and Istrian olive growers are in the company of the 500 best and have a share of as much as 15 percent.last_img read more


CNTB and the Slovenian Tourist Board approved European funds for promotion in Australia

first_imgSource: Croatian National Tourist Board “The joint promotion of Croatia and Slovenia in distant markets, and especially this one that will be realized on the large Australian market, is a unique example of successful cooperation in the tourist promotion of the two countries. We know that guests from distant markets most often realize their travels in the pre- and post-season periods during which they visit several countries, which is why we work very intensively with colleagues from the Slovenian Tourist Board., said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that more than 242 thousand arrivals and more than 741 thousand overnight stays were made from the Australian market in Croatia last year. “I am glad that this year we were successful in the joint application for the tender of the European Tourism Commission, which confirms our excellent cooperation in promotion in distant markets. I am convinced that with a joint promotional campaign on the Australian market, we will present Slovenia and Croatia as destinations for unique experiences and sustainable tourism. “, said the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board Maja Pak. After European funds were approved last year for the “Experience Croatia, Feel Slovenia” campaign, which was conducted on the Chinese market, this year the funds were approved for a campaign on the Australian market aimed at promoting and stronger positioning of Croatia and Slovenia as attractive year-round destinations. . Special focus in the campaign will be focused on the topics of active and adventure tourism, natural beauty and lesser-known tourist destinations for guests of high paying power. The campaign will also promote the rich cultural and historical heritage, eno-gastronomy, as well as other attractive tourist attributes of both countries. As part of the campaign, workshops will be organized for agents and tour operators in Sydney and Melbourne, digital media advertising activities will be carried out, and cooperation will be established with selected Australian influencers who will visit Croatia and Slovenia next spring. Also, in cooperation with one of the leading online travel agencies on the Australian market, an online campaign will be designed and implemented to present Croatia and Slovenia through two waves for guests who want to enjoy unique and authentic experiences outside the main parts of the season. The European Tourism Commission (ETC) has approved co-financing of a joint project of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Slovenian Tourist Board for the promotional campaign “Croatia and Slovenia: Full of Ways to Feel and Explore” which will be implemented on the Australian market until November 2020. The value and total budget of the campaign is 200.000 euros, of which half of the funds, or 100.000 euros, relate to ETC support. Let us add that the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Slovenian Tourist Board successfully withdrew funds through ETC’s Call for co-financing of transnational promotional campaigns in distant markets, within the Destination Europe project and the new Horizon 2022 strategy. A total of 18 applications were received. 11 of them received support.last_img read more