Month: August 2017


The role of nofollow tag

1, " nofollow" written in the meta tags on the page, used to tell the search engines don’t grab all external and internal links page.

2. index, nofollow: allows to grab this page, but prohibit the following links.

is love Shanghai, Google, Yahoo, MSN in order to deal with spam links (Spam) introduced an attribute, this attribute should be widely used at present.

nofollow tags are typically used in one of two ways:


2, " nofollow" on the hyperlink, tell the search engines don’t grab specific links. read more


The simple understanding of user experience interpretation of Zhou Hongyi

we do website or in product marketing, often only consider the user’s feeling, which provides what he needs, just to solve the most urgent problem. In fact, this should be a kind of passive users. Just what the user wants to solve what, we do not seriously consider what can extend the needs of the user needs to meet. Sometimes more active for the user to think of it, it will get more feedback. For example, a pizza franchise enterprise website, pay more attention on how to join the content, and some joined the scheme also is about the investment cost, then there are some information equipment, some questions, and finally some of the latest to join the information. These are in fact the user must know, just completed the content supply, the user experience is failed, because the content of other enterprises of different sites have no difference between what you. If you want to further enhance the experience, to further consider what users think, but is really good for him. This is not because of the industry, but as a consumer, from a content provider if you could add a franchisee from joining the growing information, such as the franchisee and the development of several primary market dealers, or franchisees not only has the right to operate local can also develop offline, with high turnover to assign etc.. This will not let franchisees can imagine the future situation, let him hope to join. After joining an area after the management authority belongs to their own words, the lower increase in the intangible franchisee can also generate revenue for it, in order to make money he will be actively managed, this is to join by surprise, beyond his expectations. read more


A snapshot of time or the weight and ranking

, is the author summed up the reasons for the love Shanghai snapshot of stagnation points.

?4 more than

whether you increase the chain or refuse to and outside the chain, the chain is sharply increasing and will lead to the stagnation of the snapshot. Because the search engine is likely to think you are to carry out software on behalf of the chain by other tools, the quality of the chain as can be imagined, now Shanghai has launched a love love Shanghai refuse chain tools, if not used correctly, can also cause this problem. read more


10 check list for the new online escort

The correlation between

for the user to use, this is almost a must. If you specify the wrong size or percentage, the browser will resize. If you determine the size of text, there will be some restrictions, so, if not necessary do not >

2, every page has a unique title and

5, JS

, logo and other documents or copyright entrance each page the common part, should be converted to include a document, this can save a lot of time.

Many people think that the

7, in order to make better legibility of text size adjustable read more


How to make the site search spiders love


Shanghai dragon friends all know that included in the site is directly related to the site’s ranking, so that to make the website ranking, the amount collected is very important, but now Shanghai dragon friends have a lot of part of the crowd is very headache for the amount included in this issue, no matter how to update. But the amount collected is not good, and no more drive, finally may not want to do as a result of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not interested, then give up their website promotion, all of these problems are due to because the web site is included, so in order to make himself we can do better on the amount collected, I can put some methods for everyone to share, before sharing, I would like to ask you, what you think is included in our website effect Factor? Don’t think too much, just say one of the most important can be, of course, I guess there are a lot of people say that the original article is directly related to the site included, of course, that is right, no wrong, but I want to say is you the answer is not complete of course, because the website article is very important, but more important is a spider, we must understand the spider temperament, and catch the spider crawling habit to update the article, so we know for the spider, we can accurately to update the article, and the increase of the amount collected, we think back to whether the spider is the most important, here will have friends eager to understand the spider, of course I will put the temperament and practical methods to share with you, and tell you The specific operation, good to come to the point, I first introduce the read more


How to see the website love Shanghai related domain to determine whether a site is K


2, if you don’t have to buy links, you can go to Shanghai to see if love related domain by mass,

1, if the site is within 3 months of the website, the historical record included more than 5000 (within 6 months of the website included more than 1W) website is likely because the purchase link is K. Either because there are a lot of high weight website to take you. Even if your site quality is again high, as long as it is artificial, you site would not be so high. (Shanghai dragon who must record the site included data for later query problems). read more


Website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon R, are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, today talk about surfing on the website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders, orders website optimization process has a lot of skills, make good use of these techniques can greatly improve the success ratio of orders.


website optimization, they must have a stand to promote their services, but also a symbol of their own level, you stand a good ranking, can bring the customer, can explain their level. Your station is a platform to promote their own. After the customer to find you, to solve the talk if the price is high, we all know that Shanghai dragon has certain risk, time > week read more


The success of the optimization from learn to respect and persevere to

website optimization is not too profound to be understood, but it is definitely not an easy job to do a thing. That website optimization may be easy, some theoretical knowledge based on the basic. Because the core theory and method, is very simple, even simple to use "content is king, link for emperor" just eight words to summarize. Therefore, the site construction production and site optimization is not really difficult to grasp the method, but the understanding of the method, theory of implementation skills. Website design and optimization is not a short duration of time of power, but a long continuous process, is only a beginning and no end process. This process requires hard work, need a good attitude and belief support. read more


Website promotion personnel of the 9 most commonly used methods of Shanghai Dragon

website has a lot of new owners is to pay attention to the weight of the web site included, in fact we consider not included in the article but Links issues us to find the weights of 2 included faster Links website, if the news website is 2 weight and they can do Links that is the best. Do Links our website naturally faster. The site was collected, to establish a high quality the chain to the high weight of the stationmaster net contribution, contribute more than 5 times basically can attract some webmaster friends circle. At the same time, the article in the search engine ranking will be in front. Included fast solved the problem. read more


Three methods for determining the degree of competition in the keyword in the search engine


second, love Shanghai PPC

for those who return the natural search results, Shanghai has many sex bidding keywords, but also a concrete analysis of the key words in the pages of the website ranking. To the specific analysis to see if there is industry portal station, station inside pages and products such as Shanghai love love Shanghai know page, if the keywords in Shanghai love the home page is Sina, Sohu, QQ, love Shanghai station, or some industry stand, or falling in love with the sea know, love Shanghai. So, this is the word of competition must be strong. If you > read more