Month: July 2017


Quality originality is the only way for the website to succeed

a variety of types of sites, as a webmaster to own the best industry business, you plan on the website of the description to the website of the industry has enough confidence and insights, although not one hundred percent understand, at least you in this industry have a certain degree of understanding. So webmaster want to how to do a website, this topic is SEO according to the actual construction experience, explore related knowledge under more than a year to learn, have to remember behind a successful webmaster must have countless sad things. read more


Talent network programming attention to minor matters

just after the Spring Festival, everyone is busy looking for a new job, not everyone gets what they want. But if you work hard, you can always make yourself closer to success.

online job search is even more so, now I talk about my summary of the talent network design experience:

seriously fill out your resume is very important, if you really want to apply for a job, be sure to seriously fill out your resume, for the recruitment unit, fill in the resume more reflect your attitude.

resume (resume) is your own experience, work performance, ability and character are listed by columns and space constraints, you don’t have to list all the things, but you can best reflect the advantages of experience and ability can never forget there is a reason to be introduced. A good resume should be outstanding personality, strict structure, simple and simple, exquisite design, so that employers can see a deep impression. A recruiter can attract attention resume can create interview and increase the acceptance probability, so in the production notes do not cumbersome jumbled. read more


Self built reservoirs in order to allow the site to get high traffic and attention

, Google and Baidu, as representatives of search engines, have also been criticized for their content, because the content of the two does not come from itself, which may lead to the problem of intellectual property rights. Perhaps, some webmaster will say, I don’t do PPC, Baidu also K me, but in fact, some things are not suitable for search engine search records, if not handled well, it is prone to disputes, MP3 is an example.

of course, the search engine "automatic search records" become a double-edged sword, some sites are expected to search engine can bring flow, but some sites especially the website does not expect search engines, such as MP3, Baidu search engine results only yourself to get traffic, and let others have contributed content links. read more


New site stick to it Baidu will give you a surprise

first self introduction, I’m a rookie SEO, usually doing the site, when I wanted to give their products site. Later slowly found, but also in Baidu ranking very good, so slowly to study, SEO.

I do SEO, in fact, and everyone else, the chain plus content updates. Because I did not use the CMS automatic acquisition function. So you can only add them manually every day. Not many, every day is the 7~8 chapter (of course collected on the Internet, and then into their own), and then every day to respond to a few Baidu know. When you are on the Tianya forum, send back a wonderful post and bring your own link. Slowly adhere to, there are 2 months, in last month’s time, because of their efforts, my keywords ranking very well, all of the first 3. It was a real pleasure. The word "stainless steel pipe" used to be in Baidu for the first time for more than a week. read more


Why is the community platform difficult to do Non standard long tail is difficult to meet community

Abstract: social community has its value of starting point, but there are also some problems need to be solved, one is the amount of local information, local information, user browsing activity less, it is difficult to improve, so it needs to collect a large number of local users around the distance nearly new, such as the local preferential information, local events etc..


directory community platform project, the basic starting point is following: (1) standard retail goods delivery service; (2) non-standard category of long tail service information polymerization + property services; (3) the drainage entities under the line + online platform data; (4) neighborhood social business services + + property polymerization; (5) neighborhood + business service aggregation. Who is superior or inferior should be different from person to place. read more


The nternet business success five safety tips website hacking

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron read more


6 points need to pay attention to website profit

from the garbage station, to the professional industry station, and now to the local portal.

diamond from painstaking technology, to concentrate on study site operation, up to now it.

walked all the way with a lot of emotion.

hasn’t written anything for a long time. Recently, my cross stitch content pages continue to increase, GG included also increased, but the PR value has been reduced. So, again, write articles, to the site of the link, for this site to add some external links, improve PR. read more


Finance 394 million registered network invest 450 million with the hospital against what

recently, first Forbes Chinese network broke the news: registration network recently completed $300 million financing, if true, registered net total market value has exceeded $1 billion 500 million, is Chinese several other leading mobile medical market value. After the news came out, the author to the industry to verify, some people say that is 350 million U. s.dollars, and some people say that 400 million, then the specific amount is how much, and today registered official network finally responded – read more


Common cheat behavior in tourism e commerce

common cheat behavior in tourism e-commerce

travel e-commerce time is not short, and found a lot of liar behavior. Now sum up, interested to listen to me one by one.

1. wonderful promotional Google ad

he opens GG account for you, background, access statistics. Make sure that the left side of the three, the price of the house is cheap, less than a month to 1000 dollars, a popular word. Monthly payment.

secret: agents to show you the background and access statistics, is false. They also give you an account number, you can put the word in the front, but control the amount of clicks and display range. Bring read more


King Wang take competition as a starting point and find pleasure in the process

Admin5 webmaster held fourth SEO contest and the "bobaiyou" competition has already started nearly a month. After the event also continued to have new sites to join the game, Baidu collects relevant information has reached about 430000, the activities are more and more owners and media support.

May 6th Admin5 forum every Thursday baby invited review activities since the graph king scores, summed up the game in question, to discuss the website optimization topic, this paper discusses some questions waiting for you, welcome to discuss. read more