Month: April 2017


Gem refers to the final fall of 2000 points

stock market one day a kind, especially gem, but also people sigh helpless. Yesterday, the gem was also rushed and turned red, I believe entrepreneurs are also happy a little, but the change is really fast, strong and weak shock surprising, eventually fell 2000 points, down by 1.57%.

the gem index yesterday opened lower to 1962.28 points after the shock upstream, the highest reached 2015.71, then down again, continued weak shocks, eventually closing at 1970.81 points, down 1.57%. Gem index turnover of 26 billion 228 million yuan yesterday, the amount of energy may shrink slightly. read more


Tim Juyuan taste fast food is probably the number of nvestment Funds

Chinese in the fast food industry, Chinese and Western snack form has the whole It is often seen., catering to the mass consumer demand, and in this form of food and beverage Tim source taste is a good very fast food franchise brand favored by investors.

"Tim source taste" is an original "Chinese and Western delicacy steamed goods juice grill" restaurant chain, with a clear development goals, broad market prospects and strict management system, in recent years, the rapid rise in Dongguan City Land and expansion of the catering industry well-known brands. read more


Kelly joined the money the whole of cleaning

appliances are often cleaned, not only can maintain health, but also can extend the service life. How about Kelly? Good market opportunities. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Kaili cleaning project, an open their own Kaili cleaning stores, the shop is made!

with the rapid development of information technology, the cleaning industry has also ushered in the opportunity of vigorous development, but there are still some limitations in the existing level of information technology in the cleaning industry. The world business opportunities is to help individuals start business opportunities service platform, has a wealth of experience in the Internet industry, the user wide coverage, which provides an effective support for the expansion of the Kelly project; read more


Beijing joint multiple departments together to clean the housing information website

in the hearts of many people, people want to be able to buy their own satisfaction with the house, there are a lot of people rely on intermediaries. The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, City Information Office jointly interviewed a chain of home, I love my home , real world , lovehouse Kyrgyzstan , home , Sina Locke , a of real estate, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent real estate of real estate , Ganji, 58 city, real, live off a lot of McCain, home , a good house China 15 issued housing information website, put forward the specification requirements of the website issued false information, illegal agents and real estate brokerage business and other illegal acts, the site must be in 12 days before 24 to remove obvious illegal information listings. read more


Entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process is easy to ignore the problem

a lot of people to be successful entrepreneurs, but many times they just focus on their own business, while ignoring the many problems of entrepreneurship itself, some regularities are easily forgotten, so today we take a look at what the rules are forgotten.

In addition to
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22 common points of successful people to develop good habits will eventually succeed

There are many reasons for the success of the

, but we found that those successful people always have something in common, the reason that a person can be successful, a person is really out of the ordinary, not to see how many books he has read, but his character, habits, behavior and the internal driving force, which tends to decide the size of a person’s accomplishment. If you want to be a successful person, be respected by people, and then stick to follow 21 habits and style, if things go on like this, will be a great success. read more


Buddhist supplies store to make big money

China in Buddhism can be said to be long, maybe a lot of people do not believe in Buddhism to open a shop, is known as the field of entrepreneurship for nearly ten years the most strength of the venture!

the broad and profound knowledge and the mysteries of modern life closely, through the sale of their stores and supplies. For their own profit, also create a good spiritual pillar for the people around, has become the best entrepreneurial projects of many entrepreneurs to try!

if after the opening ceremony of the glass, gold, silver, coral, amber, crystal, crystal, carnelian, beads, incense, sandalwood, jade, stone, beeswax, red sandalwood, green Tan, ivory, mahogany and other materials of the twelve zodiac, statues, and other items such as kylin dance, hanging pendant, bracelets, rings, beads, beads and other jewelry hand, to The exhaust pipe, and various mobile phone accessories, jewelry, jewelry, Home Furnishing national jewelry thousands of varieties of Buddhist activities; the operator can according to their own needs to manufacturers to build all kinds of supplies, can also take money directly from the primary sources of the business office, the additional cost can be reduced to a minimum, absolute profit rich.

book supplies: compass, gossip, coins knot; />

, can choose to gather more areas in the traditional block or custom shop.

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Anhui farmers into the city to buy a house to reward the government fully liberalized restriction

Anhui region has been fully liberalized purchase restrictions, farmers buy a lot of concessions to the city. Yesterday, the Anhui housing and construction office issued a new notice, including a series of related purchase policy, the recent purchase of the people may wish to take a look at the following.

6 on the evening of 2, the Anhui provincial housing department issued the introduction of the province to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market opinion, the province canceled the purchase and limit. Details are as follows: read more