68 year old Chaoyang Hydropower Station glorious curtain call


68 year old Chaoyang Hydropower Station glorious curtain call

Chaoyang hydropower station

Beichuan Huangshui River tributary of the river on the day before the official closing to the Huangshui River as soon as possible but also the vitality and beauty, made the sacrifice of Chaoyang hydropower station, the 68 year old hydropower station withdrew from the stage of history.

Province, the originator of hydropower

Chaoyang hydropower station was built in April 1944, completed in 1958, the total installed capacity of 6750 kwh, is the largest installed capacity of a hydropower station in Xining. The hydropower station is the originator of hydropower in our province, the construction of the Xining power generation completely rely on the historical situation of Lanzhou. Before closing, hydropower station is the last century in 50s and 60s the unit equipment, still maintained a normal operation. Chaoyang hydropower station to solve the city's early construction of urban power supply demand for the city's economic and social development has made tremendous contributions.

to the Huangshui River to "sacrifice"

once, Chaoyang hydropower station in our city to bring power and tax, but also to the Huangshui River Basin Environmental damage. Chaoyang hydropower station is a diversion type hydropower station, it is usually the use of water diversion channel will be taken away from the river, in the lower position of the water to generate electricity, the river after the power generation through the diversion channel back to the lower reaches of the river. Huangshui River Basin Comprehensive Management Committee staff told reporters that the Beichuan River dam Chaoyang hydropower station is divided into two parts, a part of water diversion canal flow away from the power plant, dam under the river there is a small amount of water, the power that the Beichuan river is greatly reduced, so that the Beichuan river is "thin".

shutting down small hydropower first step

according to the person in charge of Huangshui River Basin Comprehensive Management Committee introduced in the Huangshui River and its tributaries, a large number of small hydropower station in the downstream from the river water diversion, water shortage, the Huangshui River look increasingly gaunt, lost vitality, fish cannot survive in the river. Closure of Chaoyang Power Plant, for the city, this is only the first step. The municipal Party committee, municipal government shut down small hydropower is adamant, because the city leaders recognize that if the upstream is not scanty, light in the urban governance is of no effect. According to 2011, strive to put forward the governor Luo Huining in the "government work report" in the three years to promote full control, pollutant collection and treatment in the Huangshui River Basin, to fundamentally change the quality requirements of the Huangshui River, Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government according to the rule of water strategy plan Ning, big government, made a major decision of the comprehensive management of the Huangshui River watershed. For the restoration of river waters, in the next few years, the city also plans to shut down the Huangshui River Basin nearly 20 small hydropower station.

proposed hydropower Museum

day before, with the "asset transfer agreement" agreement, Chaoyang hydropower station (two stations) land changed procedures work completed, Chaoyang Hydropower Station officially shut down. In downtown Xining, a new round of cultural relics in Chaoyang hydropower station has been identified as an important historical and modern architectural requirements, "can not move". At the same time, for the fate of the hydropower station, a number of hydropower experts and social science experts said, Chaoyang hydropower station is my work;

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