158 series of cultural tourism activities to create a unique brand in Xining


158 series of cultural tourism activities to create a unique brand in Xining

Since the beginning of Xining City, put forward the development of tourism and cultural integration ideas, all localities and departments to actively explore with the actual city cultural tourism integration development, focus on the construction of cultural province strategy, the implementation of brand engineering. In particular, the "summer tour Xining" as the main line of the 158 cultural tourism activities, the successful creation of a cultural characteristics of Xining cultural tourism brand.

of the 158 series of cultural tourism activities, large-scale activities 30, 25 mass cultural activities, sports activities 38, folk customs activities of the masses 27 people, divided into 38 leisure activities, major festivals, major events, cultural history, folk customs, religious culture and the masses cultural activities, sports activities and mass leisure activities article eight plates.

is one of the 2012 · held in Xining, Qinghai, Xining international original dance and modern dance festival, to create the source of dance culture brand. Two is held in the second session of the FIRST youth film exhibition, to create a plateau youth film brand. The three is held xiadou Xining summer tourism festival, to create a set of ecological, folk customs and other elements as one of the tourism brand. Four is organized by the Chinese · Qinghai Datong, the third masters of the Arts Festival, to create a "flower" brand. The five is held the second session and the fourth session of the Chinese Mother West Queen Mother of King's hometown ceremony, build Kunlun culture brand. Six is held the evening news international auto show, to create the cultural brand. The seven is to start the big stage of the people, from May to date, a total of more than 150 performances, to create a common culture of the display brand. The eight is held the first National Eagle kite competition, CBA western Wenfeng, monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational and a series of unique characteristics of the plateau plateau to create sports events, sports brand. (author: Sheng Nan)


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