Our province college entrance examination enrollment take Toudang according to volunteer according


Our province college entrance examination enrollment take Toudang according to volunteer according

college admission work will officially begin, in order to make a better understanding of the majority of candidates Toudang admission especially in July 6th, the provincial admissions process, especially the following tips:

province admission work strictly implement "in batches, according to volunteer from high to low, the proportion of" Toudang rules. Enrollment institutions in accordance with the rules of enrollment announced enrollment rules for admission. Admission in accordance with the implementation of "school admissions, responsible for supervision" principle.

program: Toudang candidates by category (such as arts and Science) and colleges planning a number of voluntary reporting, according to the provincial Zhaoban encryption program in the discipline inspection and supervision departments of the province's summary of volunteer candidates, of (a, two, ahead of a batch of the province, the first batch of preparatory volunteer candidates) colleges in batches according to the family class according to the score and total score ranking, according to Toudang (college entrance examination and policy care scores and) from high to low according to a certain proportion of college enrollment plan (usually less than 1:1.2, two volunteer and volunteer complex according to the proportion of 1:1 Toudang Toudang), recruit students recruitment in terms of articles of merit.

for example: a first batch of universities of science and engineering program 30, fill the school and grades in the first batch of undergraduate admission control scores online with 60 people, 1.2 times according to the provincial Zhaoban enrollment plan number (10× 1.2) to 36 Toudang, the computer will this 60 people according to Toudang score from high to low sort, sort in the thirty-sixth previous (including thirty-sixth) candidates Toudang score Toudang, reviewed by the University merit, 30 of them, will not be admitted 6 people returned to the provincial archives.

Toudang in the same batch of voluntary reporting in the later official request tuidang candidates, not in the batch Toudang volunteer and change complex, but can participate in the next batch of admission and voluntary complex. Candidates have been admitted not to change.

complex voluntary and initial voluntary admission rules consistent. After the announcement of the plan to re sign the voluntary admission system, the computer display in the "initial volunteer candidates in college reading" or "pre admission" state may not reverse, not professional change.

(the three parallel volunteer college, batch Toudang admission) according to the score first, followed by voluntary "principle, according to the test results from high to low ranking colleges and voluntary Toudang order, by the University of merit. To score the same candidates, according to the Chinese arts, integrated arts, mathematics; collation science mathematics, integrated science, according to the Chinese total score of 9 digits after the decimal point position determined after generation.


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