The high quality of thematic learning discuss and carry out two science education and learning seri


The high quality of thematic learning discuss and carry out two science education and learning seri

lights do not light, the rationale is not clear. One of the major initiatives as learning education, high quality thematic study and discussion, is helpful to deeply study the comprehensive system, help to enhance the party members and cadres of the level of thinking and working level to a new height, contribute to the learning achievements into practical problem solving ability.

"focus and focus" is an important experience of the party's ideological and political construction since eighteen years. High quality to carry out special study and discussion, we must adhere to the problem, to the problem. In accordance with the "three will be a lesson" system, the Party branch as a unit on a regular basis to focus on learning, focusing on issues, interactive communication. Under the guidance of the party organizations at higher levels, for the party members of the party to determine the actual study topics, both closely linked to the theme, but also close to the reality, so that the majority of Party members learn to go in, get up. To achieve the depth and intensity, people see things, touch, trace to its source, deepen understanding, identify the direction, to solve the problem, leading cadres at all levels to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, strengthen party spirit principle, clear general business conduct.

basic level is the party's ruling foundation, the source of strength. To carry out the "two studies and one to do" learning and education, is to promote the overall strict party to the grassroots extension. High quality to carry out special study and discussion, in conscientiously implement the requirements of the central and provincial Party committee, at the same time, we should encourage grassroots contact with reality, and constantly innovate the "learning" approach, the introduction of the characteristics of their own requirements and measures. To make good use of Party schools, cadres training channels, party room and other positions such as distance education facilities, Internet resources, carry out the "individual" and "collective", "line" and "line school", published the "bilingual" learning materials, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of Party members learning. To play a positive role in the typical model, and constantly enhance the learning effect.

in the contemporary who did not change rapidly, "capital" to eat. Who does not seriously study, who will lag behind. High quality to carry out the study and discussion topics, closely personal ideological work in real life, see yourself in front of a new test of the new task, can stick to the communist belief the purpose of correctly handling the relationship of public and private, righteousness and profit, individual and organization, the individual and the masses, will strive for the noble morality, leading practice the socialist core values, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle can consciously know the fear of front party disciplines to abide by the rules, maintain a good mental state, positive for the cause of the party and served as. Through the study and discussion, to improve awareness, find gaps, clear direction.


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