Xining CDPF held the Fourth Congress Wang Jianjun attended


Xining CDPF held the Fourth Congress Wang Jianjun attended

Qinghai news network November 20th, Xining CDPF held the fourth congress. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining party secretary Wang Jianjun attended.

it is reported that in recent years, Xining CDPF from poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, rights and other aspects, to improve the basic living standards for disabled people and the ability to provide services for the disabled, so that people get more benefits. Invested 720 thousand yuan to improve housing conditions for 120 households in rural housing reconstruction, poor people with disabilities was established; the Disabled Association, association of the deaf and Blind Association, association of intellectual disabilities and their family and relatives with mental disabilities and the association, the association to become a bridge between the disabled and all kinds of disabled people into rehabilitation funding of more than 130 million; yuan, carry out cataract surgery on 3354 cataract patients, 91 cases of surgical correction of complete extremity in children; education of disabled children is included in the development plan of compulsory education, formed a school for the deaf is the backbone of the mainstreaming, teach classes for supplementary education system, the city's disabled children enrollment rate of 90%; 21 disabled rights demonstration hillock in the city, and actively carry out quality, priority, preferential legal services for the disabled.

meeting the requirements of the city's federations at all levels should according to the actual earnestly organize the study and implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, the new way and the new method to explore the development of persons with disabilities; to strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations for the disabled CDPF, actively and do things, for their equal participation in social activities; to actively carry out rehabilitation training combined with community and the family, improve the employment service system, improve the employment rate; to disabled poverty alleviation work into the city's poverty alleviation plan, effectively solve the urban and rural poor people with disabilities based on the problems of life; to accelerate the development of education for the disabled, and constantly improve the quality of the disabled. At the same time, to actively implement the "help for the disabled, bag, belt, help, solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of persons with disabilities; to more favorable and more preferential policies and measures to guide and encourage development of the disabled; through work fucan, business support, trade to disabled disabled other forms of mobilizing all social forces, carried out in the form of love warmth and diversity, and actively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for and support the cause of disabled people.


general assembly also elected the chairman of the Fourth Committee of the Xining Federation of disabled persons, and the chairman and members of the association of the blind, the deaf, and so on. The. (author: Yu Xin)


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