The 45 ndustrial Development Zone double hundred project to help upgrade


The 45 ndustrial Development Zone double hundred project to help upgrade

days ago, the provincial government to determine the 2014 industrial "Shuangbai" project 110, a total investment of nearly 120 billion yuan, to extend the industrial chain, to build industrial clusters, improve the quality and level of industrial development, the development of new industries. Among them, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone responsible for the implementation of 45, the investment amount of more than 33 billion yuan.

it is reported that the implementation of the project is mainly involved in the development zone of new energy, new materials, blankets blankets spinning, Saline Lake chemical, biological medicine, aluminum processing and other advantages of the industry. In these projects, more than 10 billion investment in the project for the integration of salt chemical industry projects. The total investment of 11 billion 600 million yuan, since July 2009 started construction, has completed an investment of $7 billion 380 million this year, plans to complete the investment of 500 million yuan, is expected to be completed in July 2015. Investment of more than one billion of the project has aluminum and aluminum deep-processing, smart home and ancillary products processing, aluminum magnesium alloy and other projects.

according to the relevant person in charge of development, to promote the comprehensive upgrade of the aluminum industry in our province, in recent years, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Gan River Industrial Park relying on the advantages of our province industrial park and industrial base, project allocation and investment focus on the extension of industrial chain, aluminum and aluminum deep processing field, the successful introduction of Lufeng, Shandong Guangdong, Hongkong Xingfa deep processing aluminum enterprises to extend the same, the aluminum industry chain. Today, the aluminum industry has expanded and expanded from the original production of aluminum to aluminum, high precision aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy and medical, edible aluminum foil and other fields. According to the industrial planning of the Development Zone, it is expected that during the year, the conversion rate of raw aluminum processing will reach more than 70%. At the same time, along with the implementation and promotion of the "Shuangbai" project, whether it is a new industry of new energy and new materials, or carpet wool spinning, Saline Lake chemical and other traditional industries, will achieve a comprehensive upgrade in cost control, product quality and enterprise efficiency etc..


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