The establishment of joint employment conference system


The establishment of joint employment conference system

employment is a livelihood project, in order to let more people in employment, stable employment, the city established for the first time the city's employment (migrant workers) joint conference system, will increase employment and entrepreneurship to promote employment, improve their occupation skills such as multiple work breakdown to the city district government, human resources and Social Security Bureau Economic Commission, administration of industry and Commerce and other departments.

it is understood that, in order to comprehensively promote the city's employment and migrant workers, the city has recently established a joint conference on employment system. The general office of the municipal government, municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other 32 units, through regular reporting, held annually to the two joint meeting of the plenary meeting and other measures to make employment become the focus of the work of the city, concerted efforts by many departments, actively implement the employment policy, introduce effective measures. Expand the city's employment, stable employment for more people.

at the same time, the city will implement a proactive employment policy, the implementation of the employment priority strategy. To speed up the economic and social development, structure optimization and market cultivation and expanding employment organically; fully implement a more proactive employment policy entrepreneurship, strive to play the effect of policies to promote employment; strengthen occupation training; arrange special employment funds to increase efforts to give full play to the efficiency of capital use. Employment of college graduates is still the top priority of employment, to expand employment channels, support entrepreneurship, special training, service guidance, focusing on the work of college graduates to do a good job. Washington (reporter Rong Lijun)


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