This summer the whole nation is hot Xining alone


This summer the whole nation is hot Xining alone

since the summer of this year, when other city residents endure 40 DEG C when the average temperature in summer heat wave blowing, Xining has been at 18 DEG C, for a time, cool in Xining national fame, the average temperature of 18 degrees, not only to attract a lot of tourists, but also become the pride of the people in Xining.

13 years maximum temperature of only 36.5

reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, 2000 to 2013, the temperature in Xining have no history of more than 40 degrees, only in 2000, Xining's extreme temperatures reached 36.5 degrees, which is 13 years with the highest temperature of the year.

this summer, the average temperature of 18 degrees C


is a cool summer in Xining is really nothing, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau figures, June, July, August, the average temperature in Xining were between 23 to 25 degrees, and the average temperature is 18 DEG C in summer in Xining. When the other city summer heat, Xining has enjoyed a cool summer.

Only 4 of

since the beginning of summer weather temperature over 30 DEG

From May 5th to August 7th this year the beginning of summer

autumn, 94 days, Xining city is only 4 the temperature more than 30 degrees, the highest temperature of the day of August 5th, 32.6 DEG C, so the temperature across the continuous weather temperature exceeding 40 DEG C city too much to handle?


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