The seventeenth Green Expo Pavilion won 9 awards in our province


The seventeenth Green Expo Pavilion won 9 awards in our province

9 month 5 days, four days of the seventeenth session of the China Green Food Expo in Changchun City agri Expo ended. 11 exhibitors in our province have achieved fruitful results, and fully demonstrated the fine image of highland green food. Qinghai Tianlu Dairy Co. Ltd. "dew" brand pure milk, Qinghai Qilian billion livestock meat dish Limited "snow eight" and "heavens Qilian" brand of Qilian Tibetan sheep series, with its excellent quality, won the Expo Gold Medal; Xining Xinshuo technology development limited liability company Qinghai Hong'en Technology Co. Ltd., Qinghai cold water fishery ecological Co. Ltd., Qinghai West Alexandra Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Qinghai Health Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Qinghai Rui Lake Biological Resources Development Co. Ltd. and other 6 enterprises, won the "outstanding business award"; green food office won the outstanding organization award".

in order to negotiate trade based, supplemented by field sales, adhering to the "showcase achievements, promote trade and development" for the purpose of the Expo, I recommend the green food pavilion, acclaimed exhibition hall, the cash turnover of nearly one million. There are more than and 10 enterprises, 9 enterprises and other provinces and cities of 11 companies participating in it, yak, Tibetan sheep, aquatic products, Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps and other green quality sales agreement signed with the intention of nearly 60 million yuan, have reached a long-term cooperation agreement.

Green Expo, after several years of construction, has become an effective platform to promote the development of green food, green food trade. Our province unique characteristics of the plateau "cold" agricultural natural resources, provides a good space for the development of high quality agricultural products brand development. With the domestic and international market of green food demand continues to rise, our province mutton products, Chinese wolfberry, yak and Tibetan Cordyceps and other green products reputation. The province's main plateau, ecology, green brand philosophy, in this exhibition to be concentrated.

of the participating enterprises in our province are mostly Green Expo for the first time to participate in, they said, the Green Expo not only for production, supply and marketing of all parties to build a very good communication platform, also obtained the communication with other enterprises, exchanges and learning opportunities.


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