Xining the relentless pursuit of quality city


Xining the relentless pursuit of quality city


planning is the soul of the city, to be aware of the city, pay attention to solve the development of people's livelihood in the planning, regional coordinated development, urban competitiveness and the level of innovation and development." Wang Xiaoduo, Party Secretary of the city planning management requirements.


Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that we should strengthen the study of city features, to create a bright, transparent Xianshanloushui city space, to create a modern city with unique landscapes of Hehuang culture.

, NPC and CPPCC on city planning and construction and management of Xining and puts forward new requirements and new standards, adhere to the "harmony between man and nature, tradition and modern, art and technology, architecture and environment", focus on planning, construction and management of the three key links, and strive to build Xining into a good grade, "good quality, good taste" of the city.

this new concept, the new requirements, the ultimate goal is to make Xining a better place to add to the people of Xining, the city's heartfelt love for the future and a great vision.

blueprint has been drawn on the future, Xining will be what kind of attitude to show in front of the world?

today, let us work together to explore the city will be how beautiful metamorphosis.

green as the core -

city green core Park nourishing urban green lung

to build the West town of Huangzhong as the center, planning a total area of 200 square kilometers (300 thousand acres) of the characteristics of the city of Forest Park. The preparation of the completion of the green core Forest Park master plan for the start of 2016 implementation.


] good vision so that people in the blue sky and green water, Castle Peak, green trees and grasses in to enjoy the fruits of reform.

[keyword] ecological landscape garden city

[new target] efforts to build a core two screen three corridors of the city's new ecological pattern.

* a core: start the construction of green core Forest Park. The construction of large scale urban green space, to build the city "green core", nourishing urban green lungs.

- two screen: to vigorously promote the Lajishan and Dabanshan two green ecological barrier construction, strengthen the North South Shan three green building.

- three Corridor: in the Huangshui River, Nanchuan River and Beichuan River as the basis, the construction of three ecological green corridor.

Shuangcheng linkage -

to achieve the coordination of the old city and new city;

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