Residential property will be divided into 5 charges


Residential property will be divided into 5 charges

residential property will be divided into 5 levels of star property services charges, your home is a few stars? After the implementation of star service property charges? Which is not within the scope of property charges? Parking services and how to charge? In January 12th, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that, in order to further standardize the province's residential property services, maintenance of the owners and the realty service enterprise's legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the property services industry, recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction jointly formulated and issued on the "Qinghai residential property management services procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") notice and annex "Qinghai Province residential property service star standard". The measures shall come into force on February 1st.

residential property star service charges

it is understood that the province's development of new residential property service charges management approach, designed to reflect the quality of residential property services charges "quality price, quality and price" principle. "Approach" clearly pointed out that the principle of residential property services in the implementation of star property services (a total of 5 grades). Residential property service star standard and property service enterprise qualification level corresponding. The qualification grade of the realty service enterprise for grade one and two property service enterprises can implement all 5 levels of the five-star service, the qualification grade of the realty service enterprise is tentative and three level of property service enterprises in the implementation of a star, two star, star service.

property service charges to implement a unified policy, hierarchical management. Provincial price departments in conjunction with the real estate administrative departments at the same level is responsible for the development of property services charges management approach to guide the province's property service charges management. City (state), county price departments responsible for the supervision and management of residential property service charges.

residential property service charges clear

"approach" clear: affordable housing, housing reform housing, the old residential areas and residential property services to implement government guidance price management. Fees and property services star. The implementation of government guidance outside the residential property service stars and fees, in accordance with the principle of high quality and price, by the owners of the Committee and the property services companies to negotiate. Charges can not be negotiated, you can entrust third party assessment agencies to assess the cost of property services.


property service fees in accordance with the housing construction area of land. For housing ownership certificates or real property right certificate, the certificate of housing ownership or property rights certificate records of the construction area shall prevail; did not apply for housing ownership certificates or real property right certificate, to the purchase contract marked the housing construction area shall prevail.

property services fees which are

according to the "measures", residential property services include: total equipment parts and facilities operating costs, property management fees, property management area clean area green maintenance costs and property management regional order maintenance costs and personnel costs, office expenses and other expenses.

"approach" clear: common parts of the property, shared facilities and equipment overhaul, repair and renovation, change;

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