Xining chased response toilet difficult six questions


Xining chased response toilet difficult six questions

small public toilets, reflects the livelihood of the people; a small public toilets, showing the city's big image. With the accelerated pace of urban construction, public toilets are also increasingly demanding. Recently, the reporter made a survey on the current situation of the provincial capital of public toilets, found a small toilet, the problem is really a lot.

visitors: public toilets are really difficult to find the City Management Bureau: layout drawing is

people have three, especially outside the house, the importance of self-evident public toilet. With the arrival of the peak tourist season in our province, a lot of foreign tourists issued a public toilet difficult to find the emotion, Ms. Zhang from Wuhan on the Internet for help seeking public toilet.

according to the Xining City Administration Bureau, the provincial capital of a newly built and renovated 474 public toilets, the sanitation system governing public toilets 116, social units along the street, shopping malls and other open 312 public toilets, the use of market-oriented mode of environmental protection and construction of the 46 seat mobile toilets. Affected by the economic level, planning and site selection and so on, to some extent, there are some problems such as unreasonable layout, weak service function and so on. Currently, the layout of the public toilets are drawing, after the launch will better serve the tourists and the public.

visitors: too few public toilets Urban Management Bureau: each year will be increased from 8 to 10

is not easy to find the public toilet, but can not be used." In the mutual aid road, a tourist complained that the toilet because of water cut off, from the door to the notice of the old and new analysis should be closed for a long time. 474 public toilets to meet the normal needs of tourists and the public do?

in this regard, the Xining Municipal Administration of Law Enforcement Bureau said that the number of public toilets in Xining has reached the Ministry of construction, the city of four per million people, the standard setting. Under normal circumstances, the government funded the construction of public toilets will not be closed, if due to special reasons to close, will be open as soon as possible. In accordance with the long-term plan for the construction of public toilets, the number of public toilets in Xining will increase by 8 to 10 annually, this year's new public toilets, planning and site selection work has been completed, will be open to the public free of charge after the completion of the work. In addition, the city will be in 72 gas stations or filling stations supporting the construction of public toilets.

visitors: fees vary by the Urban Management Bureau: 80% free public toilets

"5 times", "toilet" $1". Tourists Lee reflect, Xining public toilets fees ranging from height, other tourists have also been reflected in the case of public toilets chaos charges. During the interview, some people think that the hospital, bookstore toilet charges, people do not understand.

non government funded toilet can not be completely free." Xining City Administration Bureau, all public toilets free there are some difficulties, however, since May this year, 116 public toilets sanitation system has been directly open to the public free of charge, then, there will be more public toilets gradually free, for the year 80% government funded the construction of public toilets free of charge.

citizens: health endless;

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