Spring grass the heart is on the job


Spring grass the heart is on the job

Sunday, February 3rd, spring. The morning of 8: 45, into China aluminum Qinghai branch third electrolytic plant six workshop, clean and bright workshop, arranged neatly beside the electrolyzer, the employees are nervous and orderly operation, see the energetic flames through the cell door, all revealed a "warm, progressive, upward" spring festivity.

when I met the company worker, grew up in the factory area of Dongliang, he was busy measuring the temperature of electrolysis cell. The head is not high, slim, a capable and calm into Dongliang 2012 hit a high performance, the annual production of 19426.52 tons of primary aluminum, 789.02 tons more than the planned production, output value of more than one thousand yuan.

Every area of electrolytic

company index benchmarking, encourage a Dongliang led the staff transcendence to a new goal and strive to catch up. By constantly challenging themselves and the courage to go first, last year, he worked in the current efficiency of the current, the original aluminum DC electricity consumption reached the best level in history, the staff income is also higher than other employees.

warm sunlight into the simple layout, clean the area office, reflected white aluminum oxide powder attached on the face is also clearly visible dongliang. In the open production control system curve interface, he pointed to a curve trend of abnormal No. 621 tank said yesterday on the anode replacement operation, causing cell condition fluctuation, three in the afternoon, he received a job long call, and vice mayor Li Wenyu hurried home from work in the workshop has been rushed to the. Busy until eight pm, until this slot curve runs smoothly, this assured.

every morning, Cheng Dongliang will advance to the post slot operation status, zero day and night class was ready to shift work records due to operation caused by abnormal early grasp, early arrangements for personnel handling. Every weekend must one day, is a part of the weekend life in dongliang. (author: Zhang Yumei)


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