Further standardize the food and beverage industry price behavior


Further standardize the food and beverage industry price behavior

to regulate the price behavior of the catering industry in our province, to protect the legitimate interests of consumers and operators, according to the "People's Republic of China price law" and "on the codes price of goods and services provision", "Prohibition of price fraud provisions" and "Qinghai Province, the price supervision and inspection procedures" provisions, the provincial development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice to further regulate the catering industry in our province price tag work.

notice that the enterprises engaged in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, dining center, restaurant, bar, restaurants and other fast franchise catering services within the scope of the province, as well as hotels, hostels, training center, reception center, resorts, dance halls and other run catering service enterprises should follow the principles of openness, fairness, honesty and good faith, abide by the laws and regulations of the price, all commodity business (products) and services must be paid according to the provisions of the implementation of price tag. The catering industry should be the price tag price tag is complete, the price is true and accurate, clear handwriting, tag bit, marked eye-catching, price changes should be promptly replaced. The price tag can be designed by the catering business units according to their own actual design, but must be supervised by the local price supervision department, the price tag on the price of the phone 12358.

notification requirements, the food and beverage industry is clearly marked with the use of the Arabia price figures indicate the amount of rmb. Foreign food and beverage business must be used at the same time, the price of English and Chinese, shall not be implemented, the two price. The operators charged to consumers except food, drinks outside costs (including separate billing, paper towels and related commodities such as tea, all kinds of service fees) must be expressed prominently in its place of business, and inform consumers in advance, consult the views of consumers, shall not charge any fees not specified. Operators in the provision of wedding, dinner and other group meal service, to provide consumers with a group meal service list. Not in service fees, fees, fees, air seasoning tea fee, room (car) fees, tableware disinfection fees, corkage fees, cutlery to use all kinds of names charge additional fees or otherwise increase in price may not set a minimum consumption.

notice stressed that implementation of the catering industry operators settled after the first consumption, must use the price or price to consumers that food service price, bill shall be issued by the settlement documents, shall not charge the price and price list is not marked on the cost. At the same time, the operator shall not use false or non-standard price marking misleading, deceive consumers, shall not use false or misleading price and price of the price of fraud.

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The main form of price tags

catering industry: the price tag (card), price list, price (the book), recipes, dishes booth price card, wall picture menu, fresh goods, commodity prices, price tag sign service price list.

catering industry price tag includes: name, measurement unit, the main feed weight, price, etc.. Packages should be marked with the total price of the package, including dishes and pastries, the name of the wine, origin, weight and other content.


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