Analysis on the equipment investment cost of the dry cleaning store


Analysis on the equipment investment cost of the dry cleaning store

said the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, dry cleaning industry is also the case, the first step is to open a dry cleaning shop to locate.

now more and more people want to embark on the road to get rich through their own businesses, and before that, the most important thing is how to choose the industry projects, with good projects also need to do a good job in market positioning. As for those who want to invest in dry cleaners to join the venture, not all dry cleaners are suitable for each entrepreneur, according to their actual situation to choose the right business model and scale.

dry cleaning franchise business note one, their positioning

first to determine the amount of investment, according to their strength to invest, cleaners and investment is not the more the better, and return to investment proportion, position, attitude, relative to the amount of investment, for example, a common community, immediately have a lot of customers, if put into luxury decoration, put a lot of equipment however, this area of the dress class is not enough, the fee is not high, it will cause a waste of investment, the payback period will be prolonged and the use of the funds rate is low, dry cleaners, if you open the upscale community, you can't keep up with the decoration, equipment investment is not much, high-end customers would not have high-grade clothes to you the shop to wash, so this is the location that you want according to their own strength.

dry cleaning franchise business note two, equipment investment

as mentioned above, the opening of the dry cleaning shop equipment investment should also be based on their own needs.

general community store configuration within 4-10 million, the configuration of the dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaning machines, dryers, washing machine, conveyor belt, ironing table, to the inside of the table to choose.

upscale community configuration; 10-20 million or so, the basic configuration of the dry cleaning equipment, and functional configuration is very good.

overall, open a general dry cleaning franchise stores, rent, renovation, dry cleaning equipment about 15-20 million.

mid-range dry cleaners, 20-30 million, more than 300 thousand of high-end dry cleaners.

entrepreneurial shop can not blindly follow the trend, but also according to their own actual situation, choose the machine shop. How to open a dry cleaning franchise? Investors must first determine the location is determined according to their own business, read the above introduction is to believe that you want to have a certain help to dry cleaning franchise stores!

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