177 key projects which will bring dividends


177 key projects which will bring dividends

2 25, the reporter learned from the two sessions in the city, in 2016, Xining will have a number of key construction projects, these projects, the number of projects related to the livelihood of the people is the number of projects, the number of people in the world, there are 177 key projects People concerned about the construction of urban rail transit projects, affordable housing projects, Lantau Peak expressway project construction, urban greenway construction will be able to come to our side? With these questions, the reporter linked to the municipal development and Reform Commission Director Kong Lingdong.

According to reports, in 2016 the city identified 177 key construction projects, with a total investment of $204 billion 300 million, plans to invest $51 billion 800 million in 2016. Among them, 30 infrastructure projects, real estate projects, forestry and water conservancy projects of the 10, social undertakings of the project, trade and circulation projects of the 17, ecological and environmental protection projects of the 19, industrial projects, the 50 item of 36. These projects, livelihood related projects accounted for nearly a hundred.

this year, more than 150 km greenway

along the riverside section of the city Huangshui water greenway demonstration project has now become the most public walk the road of love. Especially in the early morning and evening walk here, running gradually increased. Walking on the green road paved with wood, breathing from the river on the wet air, suddenly let people relaxed and happy. Recently, with the emergence of free public bicycles, green road is full of popularity.

a new look: this year will have been built in 150 kilometers, along the coast of the Huangshui River will build 150 km greenway, at the same time, the Beichuan river will also start the construction of Green Road, green road slow system, will be mainly used for cycling and walking with the public, the future needs of the citizens of the city will upgrade the greenway facilities mention, continuous improvement and adjustment of the green road.



Lantau Peak expressway will start building

Phoenix Mountain is the overall planning of the city "four horizontal and fourteen vertical one ring road transport network, one of the main city road, the road from west to east along the southern mountains stretch, line length of 11.57 kilometers, road width of 34 meters, two-way 6 lane. Estimated total investment of 3 billion 759 million yuan.

: a new look of public concern Xining city planning only a city road, the feasibility study report of road engineering and engineering geological survey report, the relevant units will review, construction. The road along the road, will set the antelope Road, sea Sea Lake Road (Xingzhi Road), Yuan tree, labor Road, Jianguo Road - Delingha Road, Huang Zhong Lu 7 line mouth; set up along the 1 viaducts and 2 bridges, respectively 61 road viaduct and fire ditch bridge, kushuigou bridge. Set the botanical garden, Nanshan Park 2 tunnels.



batch of affordable housing will stand up

in recent years, more and more low trapped families and the elderly, the government security policy was a warm and comfortable,;

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