18 Hanamachi summer dress in Xining


18 Hanamachi summer dress in Xining

in order to enhance the Xining urban green space landscape, to create a good city street, April 25th, Xining City Landscaping Department overtime for potted plant landscaping and Street building work, the orderly conduct of the work.

urban landscaping management using wooden flowerpot, Mosaiculture style and other techniques of flower landscape, has completed the State Road, xiadou Avenue, sunning road and other roads in the street to create work. At the same time, in the central square, kylin Wan Plaza, beimenpo green landscape important node creation theme is clear and rich content of three-dimensional plant flower beds, flower skeleton construction has been completed, is the time for planting plant material cutting. This year will also be used in the provincial Party school and the western part of Kunlun Avenue, the use of solid walls, for the first time produced a unique concept of plant landscape wall, and further enrich the three-dimensional green landscape in Xining.

currently, workers are stepping up construction, building the 18 street in Xining City, 12 flower exhibit spots, planted all kinds of colorful flowers, placed more than 130 pots (strain), related work will be completed soon. Then, marigold and theme Petunia, brilliant purples and reds bright diverse Mosaiculture attractions will adorn the city green space. (author: Xu Meili)

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