Xining Overseas Friendship Association to promote the development of overseas patriotic forces


Xining Overseas Friendship Association to promote the development of overseas patriotic forces

May 18th, the third meeting of the Xining Overseas Friendship association. Su Rong, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of the United Front Work Department attended the meeting of the president of the United States, Liu Fade.

At the

meeting, Su Rong gave full affirmation to the past work of the Overseas Friendship Association of our city. At the same time, he gave a brief introduction to the great achievements made by the economic and social development of Xining in recent years. He pointed out that in recent years, Xining Overseas Friendship Association is committed to advancing the process of peaceful reunification of the motherland, to carry out a rich content, various forms of networking activities to promote the Xining and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Relations and cooperation. Especially in the service of economic construction, to play a unique advantage, actively matchmaking, to promote a number of economic and trade cooperation projects, the establishment of a number of public welfare undertakings for the city's economic and social development has made a positive contribution.

on the city of the New Overseas Friendship Association Work Su Rong raised high expectations, he said, in the face of the new normal, new opportunities, to fully understand the overseas patriotic forces in promoting the transformation of economic development pattern, expanding the unique and important role in international exchanges and cooperation, carry forward the excellent Chinese national traditional culture, make overseas friendship as the overseas united front work a comprehensive, strategic and basic tasks, to further enhance the sense of urgency, sense of responsibility and mission, the Overseas Friendship work placed in a more important position, careful planning, and vigorously promote the. To further strengthen the city and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and overseas Chinese Association, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the director, for exchanging the city's economic and social development, to Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese are the most widely unite, to mobilize their enthusiasm, for our reform and opening up and modernization, make more great contribution to the realization of the reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "Chinese dream".

General Assembly elected Liu Fade as the new president of the Xining Overseas Friendship Association, from four aspects of the future work of the overseas fraternity.


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