The construction of water saving society in Xining has become the largest pilot city in 11 cities in


The construction of water saving society in Xining has become the largest pilot city in 11 cities in

from September 26th to 27, commissioned by the Ministry of water resources, Ministry of water resources, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission, together with the Qinghai Provincial Water Resources Department formed a group of experts on the construction of water-saving society in Xining pilot work was assessed. Xining scored 93.2 points in the expert evaluation. 83.1 higher than the mid-term assessment of the score of 10.1, becoming the largest in the the Yellow River River Basin in the pilot cities in the city of the 11, by domestic experts unanimously affirmed and highly appraised.

in Xining city in 2006 was listed as the second batch of water-saving society construction pilot area, firmly establish the "governance strategy, water Ning for the development of the concept of government", in order to improve the water pollution prevention and water environment protection and water resource utilization efficiency as the goal, and comprehensively promote the complete system, improve the system, complete facilities, high efficiency the use of water-saving, self-discipline, effective supervision of water-saving society construction. Through the pilot construction and pilot work carried out in-depth, from 2005 to 2010, Xining City yuan GDP water consumption decreased by 328 cubic meters to 111 cubic meters, million yuan of industrial added value of water by 257 cubic meters down to 86 cubic meters, the rate increased from 56% to 70%, industrial water recycling, the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water increased from 0.35 0.45, urban water supply pipe network leakage rate reduced from 19.5% to 16%, water function zones compliance rate to achieve the planning objectives.

expert opinion that Xining in accordance with the requirements of the national water-saving society pilot. The preparation of planning, the establishment of specialized organizations, multi-channel investment and financing mode, the total investment of 3 billion 80 million yuan, completed the main tasks and targets of the pilot construction phase. Experts believe that Xining city is located in the Western Alpine arid area, is a serious water shortage in the city, construction of water-saving society in Xining has summed up a lot of features, highlight good practices and good experience, worthy of the western region and national many city reference. (author: Xiao Shu)

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