Hubei bank Xianning branch service public entrepreneurship innovation


Hubei bank Xianning branch service public entrepreneurship innovation

now the whole community in a mass of innovation and the pioneering era, in an era of such a background, some banks and financial sectors around the positive for many entrepreneurs to provide better financial services.

central first consumer finance business launched in Xianning. The Central Bank of Hubei, the first national Consumer Finance Companies established by the Bank of China in Hubei, was formally established in Wuhan, and the first sub center was stationed in Xianning. Company since its establishment, give full play to the "1 stage" consumer loans "brand advantage and convenient application, fast approval, the characteristics of flexible repayment", to meet the "two new and two consumer consumer groups financial demand (social trust, new family and just need to improve the type of consumption, consumption). The bank is also in Tongshan County Tourism and business industry characteristics, the development of "travel loan" and "supplier credit products, investment in Tongshan market, simultaneously launched cash loan products in the Xianning area, 1 - 200 thousand yuan in consumer use within two days of approval.

To carry out the new mode of

actually in the face of such a situation, to create a good business environment that has brought about a series of business opportunities for many entrepreneurs, will also attract more foreign entrepreneurs and investors to entrepreneurs and to recommend

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