What are the conditions of the 747 pot fish


What are the conditions of the 747 pot fish

catering venture investment seems to be a very easy thing, but when you enter it really will find this is a very difficult for the industry, extroversion is very harmonious, but the competition is the invisible competition, want to gain a foothold in the catering market, the election is critical for their own brand. One for hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs to bring new hope, a new life to bring hope to millions of families of the project - 747 Hot pot 747 Hot pot fish fish! Join, based on the market, praised by consumers! Zibo flag 747 Hot pot fish unique characteristics of raw materials, secret recipe and strict frying process etc. to ensure that its core competitive advantages in product Hot pot, "spicy but not dry, fresh and not fishy aftertaste, taste famous" the characteristics of rich nutrition, taste great on both sides of the Changjiang River, brain puzzle, green health, safety. 74 hot pot fish how to join it?

747 how about fish? What need to meet the conditions for joining? How to join? See the following details:

747 pot fish join conditions:

1, the headquarters of the cultural

2, with a certain financial strength

3, introduce headquarters management

5, with entrepreneurial passion

747 pot fish join process:

customer service phone, online consulting

joined the Department agreed to negotiate

market analysis site recommendation

carry personal data to headquarters, the two sides negotiate a specific contract

will join the fee into the designated account

issued to join the information, equipped with personal guidance

unified storefront renovation, staff training preparation opening

headquarters acceptance opened

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