There are five kinds of risks to resign Entrepreneurship


There are five kinds of risks to resign Entrepreneurship

now many people are tired of working life, want to join the ranks of independent entrepreneurs, so some people think little of the easily quit business, there is every business risk in more risk, the resignation of entrepreneurship in five, the main realization is convenient.

1, did not do a full investigation and study. Before you change your job, there are at least a few questions to consider: your goals, financial stability, corporate culture fit and job responsibilities. Those who plan to quit their jobs are all about thinking about all of the above issues. Or talk to a number of experienced entrepreneurs about your business plan to see if your ideas are realistic, and then quit after you get the job.

2, simply for the money to resign entrepreneurship. Remember, "look at the top of the mountain" is a common problem for most people. Business in the short term is unlikely to earn more money than work, in fact, often on the contrary, most entrepreneurs have no income at the beginning of 1-2 years, but it is difficult to find the venture investors interested in. I often advise those who intend to start their own business, it is best to generate real income after the start of the project, and then quit their daily work.

3, entrepreneurship is in order to escape. If you start a business, to fling caution to the winds rush into danger, you may find that your entrepreneurial path is difficult, and employed by people, more pressure and more unsatisfactory. A heavy workload, a lack of recognition or excessive pressure is not a reason to start a business, and usually no satisfactory results. And those who believe that they have the ability, but not satisfied in to work or a sick person, but more suitable for entrepreneurs.

4, overestimate yourself. According to a lot of consultants, many job seekers are not realistic about their job skills, career planning and weaknesses. If you work in a few companies are not happy, then it is likely that you have similar problems. These issues will be further enlarged in the entrepreneurial process, because you are now the boss of the company, and responsible for all issues.

5, there is no long-term plan. It is a major change in the way of life and a major change in your career from being employed to the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a shortcut to accumulate a lot of wealth in the short term, but not to escape the problem. Entrepreneurship is a hard work, only through continuous learning and perseverance in order to return.

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