Stone paper production can really make money


Stone paper production can really make money

many investors are looking for venture capital projects should be aware of such a thing, this is the stone paper such projects are investment, and publicity is extremely attractive. So, stone paper production can really make money?

Stone paper is a new type of environmentally friendly paper made of stone powder as the main raw material, the breakthrough followed two thousand years with wood pulp, straw as raw materials of papermaking technology, great investment prospects. It is said to be the invention patent of an enterprise in Liaoning.

beauty Description: the epoch-making new paper produced with

biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic: Stone paper is used calcite, marble, limestone and other stone powder and polymer as raw materials. Easy to get raw materials, but also environmentally friendly, with excellent degradation ability, after the degradation of stone powder, absolutely no pollution to the environment.

low cost, large market: the cost of stone paper is lower than similar traditional paper products to 20%, the market is self-evident. Notebook, shopping bags, tablecloths, newsprint, special paper, etc. can be used, a huge market space.

truth restore: doubt

can not prove the degradation: the Chinese Academy of Engineering Plastics National Engineering Research Center, said that at present has not been able to find evidence to prove the degradation of stone paper. The statutory inspection agencies authorized by the State Quality Inspection Administration, deputy director of the national plastic products quality supervision and Inspection Center Senior Engineer Weng Yunxuan even believe that "if said Stone paper is biodegradable, less likely, is simply a bluff."

"see" products: it broke the news, some investors said the stone paper is interested to buy in bulk, the answer is the stone paper demand exceeds supply, only to local enterprises, not foreign sales. And when the investor orders to local enterprises, the answer is not to accept new orders, because the order has been set to at least a year later. Require on-site visits to the stone paper production workshop, on the grounds of patent protection.

did not pass the patent: according to the survey, the mainland investment company called the State Intellectual Property Office certificate, just accept the notice, which does not mean that it owns intellectual property rights stone paper.

"raising the door" looming: according to the survey, in the stone paper merchants are raising insider, funded several million yuan can get interest returns. To be on the project after the horse, can be sustained return. However, the project has not yet announced the launch of a variety of investment projects.

How is

paper production, although a lot of people do not know the specific process, but also know about a raw material, stone production, no smell. So, whether such a project of stone paper

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