Retail customers should be good at selling goods


Retail customers should be good at selling goods

any industry has a lot of brands, resulting in a lot of goods, if you can not seize the commodity selling point, but also how to attract consumers? As the saying goes: "with the shop on both sides of the road, the business is different." That is, although in the same alley, is selling similar goods, because the sales skills are not the same, the results achieved are quite different. The author believes that the retail customers to sell their goods, we must seize the selling goods.

amplification product features

vitamin B5 is what, I believe that many consumers are not very clear. However, this does not affect the Procter & Gamble's strong promotion of PANTENE shampoo. Because Procter & Gamble knows that consumers will definitely think that the vitamin B5 is a new technology developed elements. This has become the biggest selling point of the product.

so, can we recommend our cigarette sales? The answer is yes. Now, many manufacturers have introduced low tar low hazard cigarette, which can be used as the biggest selling point of cigarettes. Because, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumer demand is also escalating, in this case, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of low tar cigarettes.

mining cultural connotation

"from her paintings, the Red Crowned Crane cloud......" The famous singer Tan Jing wrote the "Yellow Crane Tower" sings very touching, very impressive. "Yellow Crane Tower" brand can be said to do the brand culture. The rapid development of its brand, cultural achievements. Retail customers often say: selling cigarettes selling culture, will not sell cigarettes exaggerated. This also shows that the role of culture in improving cigarette brand awareness. As long as retail customers are good at seizing the culture of these brands to do the article, it is easier to do cigarette sales.

brand information

With the rapid development of information technology,

has opened up a wide range of channels for brand information communication. For example, in the means of communication, Taishan brand in addition to the opening of the Taishan club official website, but also opened the Taishan CLUB Sina micro-blog. So, when the retail customers in the promotion of the brand, if these selling points to be omitted, it is a very regrettable thing. For example, the TV will often play Hibiscus student action and other news, in the promotion of the relevant brands of cigarettes, why not seize this selling point?

increase the charm of


as the saying goes: "not afraid, afraid of goods than goods." Take the same kind of contrast is to maximize the charm of goods. For example, you go to buy a commodity, merchants asking price 100 yuan. You said expensive, businesses will certainly say: I have a little cheaper, as long as 70 yuan, but the function >

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