Empathy is often able to win customer loyalty


Empathy is often able to win customer loyalty

is now a lot of the shopkeeper think customers are difficult to deal with, but it's not really from the customer's perspective, if you can from the customer's point of view, the business may be able to reach. So, empathy is often able to win the loyalty of customers, so that the business has a more popular development oh.

When the day is black

, two customers came to my shop, the man took a look at the left and right of the liquor and asked: "how much is this wine box?"

"380 yuan." His wife hurried to enthusiastic recommendation said: "this wine sold really well! The price is moderate......"

did not wait for his wife to finish, in the side of the female customer interrupted his wife's words: boss, you sell this price is too high! 600 yuan to sell two boxes do not sell?"

"not for sale!" Wife snappily said: "this is the price we are not even into."

I sat in front of the computer, see the customer's heart know this: every act and every move, the customer must have not bought the wine, and now want to buy this wine, but do not know what the price of this wine, not the end in mind. So I came up with a smile on the customer said: "Oh, as the saying goes: too much can make!"

's wife saw me so open, can not help but turn her eyes, perhaps she secretly scold me: how can you see the customer to talk?! My wife pointed to a dress neither fast nor slow wearing on the customer said: "you see, that she was in the market to buy clothes when the boss asking price more than and 700 yuan of money, but eventually bought more than and 300!"

"yeah." Female customer was echoed and said: "we buy things sometimes really do not know what can be worth?!"

"but that clothing is the imitation brand-name ah, once washed on the true colors of a poor quality!" I changed the subject in turn said: "but the people that if the real price of this famous brand products to sell to you?"

"of course." Female customers said without thinking.

"that's right!" I am patient, said: "you see, I this wine is really the production of the Yanghe River brewery ah, is a big brand, to ensure the quality of a penalty of ten!"

female customers, said: "we buy wine is sent, that is, ah, ah can not be false!"

"quality" although you rest assured. Of course, a price of a cargo, my goods are small profits, the price is already the lowest, not what profit. If not room >

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