Novice shop need to pay attention to what


Novice shop need to pay attention to what

novice shop must learn to pay attention to a lot of thinking, for the success of the future has a lot of help, and now we have to look at the novice shop is the need to pay attention to what.


seven novice "help" attitude is not desirable

In addition to the initial

The practice of

here is to use the results of the study! And their own use. For example, you learn a description of the baby on the practice, you first try to do in accordance with their own understanding, in the course of the use of difficult problems encountered in the help of others! The advantage of this approach is that you are more likely to remember! Know where the problem is, there is also a target for help! Free and unfettered is to do so, and now many of the essence of experience posts, are also their own learning. So used to share with you, so that more novice benefit! (ha ha, said far)

we passed the learning stage, governance stage into the store:

The definition of

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