National jewelry store promotion skills sharing


National jewelry store promotion skills sharing

is now the national jewelry in the market to sell a lot of fire, many entrepreneurs have played a national jewelry store attention. How to do national jewelry store promotion? Today, we will introduce some of the national jewelry store promotional skills, hoping to help entrepreneurs who successfully venture.


in the national jewelry stores placed in front of some baskets and POP display (POP display specific activities can be stated national jewelry stores opened. And national jewelry stores on the machine rate as well as the specific presentation of the interior furnishings. Show the pedestrian based printing form) covered with red carpet. Hung dazzling flags. Put on the sweet music. Find 2 beautiful girl side side to welcome customers distribute leaflets. Attract customers eye. According to the basic situation of the national jewelry store to give you a brief training. All wearing the national jewelry shop. Wear work card. Ride a bike. Red flag printed with the national jewelry shop signs. 2 people in a row. The 5 men lined the streets. Prepare leaflets and posters. To places where young people are more concentrated, such as supermarkets, markets, residential schools, stations, etc.. Issue and post. The leader must find someone familiar with the local geography. This is conducive to not detours. Also conducive to the supervision of leaflets. In order to avoid waste.

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