See jewelry store layout tips


See jewelry store layout tips

is now thinking about women Comrades are very beauty, think of this huge fat by their own "mouth" to open a jewelry shop, the shop is small, but it is also to everyone a good plan, but how to arrange this small jewelry shop?

experience in decoration and display

2 entrance design. 20 square meters of shops with 1 entrance, to be placed in another direction of the cashier; in no circumstances can the window, open the entrance, but also can better display the store layout; the store should have 2 channels, shopping.

4 walls and lighting design. You can use dark wall foil light ornaments, decorative wall mirror can also be used to increase the area of the store, the store visual effect; light should be bright but not too strong, but the use of red, orange and yellow warm color lamp, enhance the sense of three-dimensional shop.

in addition, the owner can also warm and romantic music circle in the shop, the customer can effectively prolong the residence time; at the same time, in order to ensure the store fresh air, best can add essential equipment. The above is just a part of the experience, want to do better and more refined, it should draw more secret.


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