What are the skills of automotive beauty shop


What are the skills of automotive beauty shop

automotive beauty market and prospects are very good, the continued increase in the use of cars, but also to provide a huge market for automotive beauty. Investment in car beauty shop, we have to promote a good brand awareness played out, you can also attract more people's attention, people come to spend more. So, what are the skills of car beauty shop propaganda?

a, promotional marketing content and object

1, the timing and content of publicity: at least one week in advance in the surrounding area, parking lot, local forums, shopping malls around the advertising, inform the owner of car beauty franchise brand, service items, inform the owner to be opened.

2, target marketing object:

(1) stores adjacent to households and shops and thus the relationship between the radiation crowd. Better than distant neighbors, making good relations with the neighbors can not only make the stores increased the potential customers and business alliance, but also provides convenience for future activities.

(2) government departments and enterprises and institutions. And government departments and enterprises and institutions to play a good relationship, not only for the future to reduce the resistance to store operations, but also may increase the store's customer base.

(3) in the residential district.

two, publicity and marketing

publicity and marketing methods are rich and varied, should be based on the company's resources and local conditions to determine the cost of small, the effect of several kinds of marketing methods:

(1) media advertising. Including newspapers, television, radio and other media, the choice should be considered in a variety of ways the cost and audience groups.

(2) visit. Through the home visits to disseminate information and access to support, mainly for government departments and enterprises and institutions.

(3) DM mail or clip. Suitable for specific groups of publicity.

(4) distribution page. Suitable for the scope of the flow of people and the publicity of the various residential quarters, can be used to distribute part-time staff and store personnel in two ways.

for automotive beauty shop publicity, these skills are needed to understand, I hope we have the introduction of the automotive beauty shop tips what skills can give you some help. Entrepreneurship is not easy, I hope you can refer to the content we introduce, for the early success of the shop can make money.

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