Korean women’s brands can be agents


Korean women’s brands can be agents

with the continuous introduction of the Korean market in recent years, not only the star of the fire, and for people, we are more concerned about the more unique personality, updated constantly Korean women. South Korean women's clothing market as the wind vane, the impact is very large. Therefore, investors also want to enter the industry, then, the Korean women's brands which can be agents?.

Korea women's brand clothing. The clothing is considered to be the first brand of Korea women at present, the enterprise specialized enterprises as South Korea's largest fashion circulation, South Korean women's brand which can represent? The group owns dozens of fashion brands, mainly in the above twenty years old youth fashion, fully display the contemporary young and lively, healthy ears movement spirit, their respective monochrome is regarded as a classic dress shirt.

South Korea women's brand of "Coiincos. Coiincos ", the famous Korean fashion group water to Sang Trading Company, the introduction of a new brand of women's. Korean women's brands which can be agents? The group has on&, on W.DoubleuDot lapalette and other well-known fashion brands. The introduction of Coiincos, shows that South Korea international buyers concept store in Chinese. The professional top fashion buyer, from London, Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo and other places, the introduction of cutting-edge trends in fashion shops. So that the new style of a single product can get tentacles.

Korean women's brand VIKI. VIKI, the Korean brand was born in 1995. Over the past 15 years, the brand has a long history, rich experience in the industry, a clear brand management philosophy and the pursuit of open thinking, is leading the best brand in the Korean apparel market. VIKI is aimed at chic feelings, free thinking to flaunt fashionable young features casual wear. Korean women's brands which can be agents? VIKI women's brand style: stylish feel, silhouette and a combination of young casual personality and comfort. For customers with high quality, reasonable price, a variety of styles to develop goods.

Korean women's brands which can be agents? The above is only part of the introduction, in addition to the above carefully arranged to join several brands, there are many worthy of our investment. But investors want to develop the Korean women's clothing, then may wish to know what Korean women's brands.

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