The innovation of Dongfeng public business while the moment


The innovation of Dongfeng public business while the moment

highly innovative, public business is not just a slogan, the implementation of the policy, to create a very good atmosphere for entrepreneurship many entrepreneurs. The innovation of Dongfeng, the public business is at the time, want to take advantage of the moment.

vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation is the inevitable choice to cultivate and create economic and social development of the new power, the fundamental measure is to achieve enriching road and effective ways to stimulate the creativity of the whole society and the potential of entrepreneurial activity.

in the November 20, 2015 finals, "halal" APP, pineapple travel, portable harvester and intelligent community, smart home, smart home, Matt (Jia Jia), EVA animation, Jia Yuan games, convenient charging socket, purple berry guards and other 10 teams have talent shows itself, after fierce competition, she won first prize in the contest Yuan Si Matt smart home team game, and AVA animation won the two prize, pineapple tour and purple berry guards, convenient charging socket, the team won the third-prize. "Halal" APP, portable harvester, the wisdom of the community, recommended

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