Enterprise management from the world cup


Enterprise management from the world cup

once every four years the world cup again, how many people excited, insomnia, grief at separation and joy in union...... There is no thought, the enterprise is a team here, every day in the staged a world cup, have the same striker, midfielder and defender, different positions have different tactics, if you break the rules, the result can only be "OUT"......

feature -- the most popular hero, most likely to win public praise.

docking location -- the Sales Department of

characteristics -- the sales department in the company most likely to show the performance for the company, rattling, can let the boss see results, thus becoming the star in the eyes of colleagues and customers.

feature -- a effective attack, not.

- Technical Department,

docking location

feature -- technical backbone like on the pitch midfield, and suggestions for the entire operation of the company to develop.

- Qianyao location Stadium

feature -- rely on outstanding ability to help fight the beautiful victory in the first line of his teammates.

docking location -- the planning department, the marketing department of

feature -- to the latest and most accurate useful information to assist the sales department to charge into the enemy ranks.

stadium location -- back

feature -- try not to let the other goal, responsibility.

docking location -- the logistics department, customer service department

characteristics -- defending team honor and achievement, and strong support for the front power transmission.

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