Henan give full play to the role of entrepreneurial half the sky Nei


Henan give full play to the role of entrepreneurial half the sky Nei

public business, the impact of innovation policy, women also actively play their role on nei. In the key period of building a moderately prosperous society in Henan Province, how to bring together the strength of the 50 million women in the province, and give full play to the role of women in accelerating the rise of the Central Plains in the "half the sky"?

2 24 days, reporters from the twelve session of the four provincial women's Federation Executive Committee learned that the province's women's federations at all levels of unity in the overall situation and adhere to the development of service service women, highlight the ideological guidance, promote meritorious service, improving women's livelihood, the overall development of women, women unite and lead the province to contribute to a good start in 13th Five-Year ".

vigorously promote women's employment and entrepreneurship

2 20, in the village of Zhang Yang Pakistan village Shangshui county an ordinary farmhouse, a dozen sewing machine is feizhenzouxian. Zhang Yanli and her sisters, say to smile will be a piece of cloth sewn toys.

the survival and development of women and children care

to safeguard the rights and interests of women, love left behind left-behind children healthy growth, the provincial women's Federation give full play to the 12338 women's rights hotline, more than 3 thousand and 900 women's rights station of various positions and more than 20 thousand women's rights to the role of volunteers, in a timely manner to resolve family neighborhood disputes, for infringement on the rights of women and children to provide legal aid.

the provincial women's Federation and carry out care for rural women and children left behind the work, carried out jointly with the relevant departments left-behind children special investigation, for the construction of "love home" to provide reference. Last year, the province's new left behind children love home children's homes and other activities positions 1050.

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