Three Korean cuisine dishes


Three Korean cuisine dishes

if you have to invest in small catering franchise brand strongly recommend you Korean cuisine restaurant to join. In recent years, popular young Korean food culture in the country, so many people want to invest to a Korean restaurant, what do you think of your Korean food store to what dishes? Do you know what is the most popular Korean cuisine dishes? Here I'll introduce three kinds of popular Korean cuisine dishes.

three Korean cuisine dishes introduced

, South Korea baked bread

from South Korea's new food, bread, cakes, Steamed Buns advantages of finished products, red copper, upper middle bottom milky white, golden yellow, taste soft crisp crisp, articulate fragrant after eating. Generally speaking, the price of four yuan, affordable, hot market, a pound of flour baked bread can be sold to 5-6 yuan.

Two, South Korea


this squid magic taste delicious, unique exotic flavor, wherever the family business is hot. It is a variety of meat, squid, vegetables with secret spices, entrance fresh crisp smooth, mellow intoxicating, let you eat enough to forget. Squid taste is really good, not a bit fishy, crispy and delicious, delicious taste, unique flavor, rich nutrition.

three, South Korea crispy barbecue

unique is the first pig, sheep and cattle, chicken meat string and a variety of vegetables and fruits placed by dozens of spices marinated tasty and then roasted, baked brush on the secret sauce fragrance, the golden color of the baked food, meat tender, crisp and refreshing, can adjust the seven eloquence that generates perfume. More than 10000 kinds of food flavor, baked, grilled fish, rice cakes like sauce pork, crispy fruits and vegetables and other dozens of barbecue, eat after stunning.

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