How to open the special food shop


How to open the special food shop

Lo is a more favorite delicacy, brine shop is now very common, and very fit consumer tastes, but also the characteristics of halogen products refers to what, how to open the shop features halogen products, can not make money, let us see the specific content is available:

a, market background

media have exposed the tainted milk powder, poison poison ham, pickled cabbage and other events, as everyone is very concerned about the problem of food safety. What characteristics lo mei shop? Spiced food is a popular food, snacks, snacks are indispensable to its existence. But some boss use some material or under the angle of material production, in order to make it more beautiful, more appealing, even the use of pigment modulation. At this time, a spiced food in the food processing workshop of homemade People are hurrying to and fro. will be able to attract many people's attention.

two, the advantages of


lo mei shop? Halogen food homemade processing workshop, is provided by the owner of the brine, ingredients, the use of the customer's own ingredients to help process into a halogen food. Food materials by the customers themselves in the market to choose and buy, then according to the specific situation in the processing workshop with appropriate auxiliary materials according to weight, then, a certain amount of processing fees.

allows customers to eat at ease, but also convenient, compared with the direct purchase of finished products, the price is cheaper. And for the boss is concerned, to help customers processing charge processing fees, more cost-effective than the sale of finished products, will not form a product sold and the backlog caused by waste.

due to the preservation of brine requires certain conditions and experience, the general family every time to re brine, so taste is not satisfactory compared with the old brine. What characteristics lo mei shop? The emergence of the processing of homemade food processing system to solve this problem, both convenient and delicious. And spiced food can also be hot food, cold food. A strong smell of hot food, cold food to travel when you carry. People who want to save time will come to visit.

three, business policy

1. in order to stand out in the fierce competition in the market, the most important taste brine.

2. store health status is also an important factor affecting business.

3. can be more publicity to the community, especially the Chinese New Year holiday, guests need to treat the home, you can make an appointment in advance for their services.

4. according to the specific conditions set a variety of flavors for customers to choose, such as spiced material, osmanthus halogen materials etc..


above is about some matters need to pay attention to the characteristics of open food shop, only to choose a good brand project "

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