Development trend of food and beverage industry


Development trend of food and beverage industry

with the development of society, people's living standard has been greatly improved, the catering industry has gained rapid development, but the development trend of the majority of entrepreneurs who are not aware of it, then we go and have a look!

into a popular fast food consumption trends

Chinese due to a long time to develop the Chinese diet and irresistible delicious, although the foreign fast food development in our country has a good development trend in the future, but will still be the dominant Chinese fast food." Survey shows that China's fast food market, 78.9% for Chinese fast food restaurants, while the Western fast-food restaurants are 21.1%. The first Chinese fast food brand real effort for many years focused on "Steamed Rice nutrition fast food", focusing on "Boiled dumplings dumplings", Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle focused on "Hand-Pulled Noodle" etc.. Among them, the real effort to find the "steamed" with the Chinese characteristics of the cooking method, with steamed vegetables taste delicious, less damage to food nutrients, and do not mix flavor characteristics. Kung Fu is the original cup steamed rice as the characteristics of "nutrition" as the core of the brand, with the invention of the "computer controlled steam equipment, solved the Chinese fast food" standardization "problem, break the bottleneck of the development of Chinese fast food.

Low profit era "3

to Jingya group as an example, based on the landing IBM to industrialization from the view of the catering industry information consultation results, store operations data show that the average human efficiency increased by 15%-25%, more gratifying is the human cost reduction and profit has been greatly improved. That is to say, the informationization brings management mode and means of innovation and change, the restaurant industry located in "four high and one low" is the symbol of the "third season" is still there is a big profit space.


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