How much is the hamburger jiamengfei yuan master


How much is the hamburger jiamengfei yuan master

what business has the market to do what business is good and difficult to do? What business is strange and common? The answer is the catering industry. This is a consumption of a wide range of industries, highly profitable! Hamburger is swept the street snacks, has been the favorite of consumers, the popular business also attracted many investors attention. Energy-saving is well-known snack brands throughout the year, the business is hot. Energy-saving hot business has attracted many investors eyes, of which there are many people asking energy-saving jiamengfei how much money? Following small for everyone to introduce


snacks market hamburger brands, energy-saving stores to talent shows itself from the competitive market must have their own unique recipe. Master yuan Chinese Hamburger spices by 38 kinds of carefully prepared, Qing Dynasty ancestral master yuan so far, meat juice is fat but not greasy, instead of thin wood, oil, steamed meat crisp fragrant overflowing and other characteristics, unique flavor, Chinese is a must, steamed the king has a chewy hunger reputation, fame at all times and in all countries.

then the energy-saving fee is how much? Energy-saving jiamengfei:

, investment in energy-saving stores, is not required for the initial fee, reduce the headquarters for the venture investors to join the global investment threshold across the country Chengzhao agent and free shop.

two, investment in energy-saving stores, shop facilities and materials required for the cost of reference: headquarters with steamed paper bags to anti-counterfeit trademark stores, each 6 points (bag package delivery fee total security 39 yuan Master), top dressing ancestral king, China class, a packet of material about 2 pounds for 380 pounds of meat, feed cost per pack 100 yuan, Yuan master unified brand door every 200 yuan, about 100 yuan each, energy-saving, won the Chinese famous title, Shaanxi famous title, bronze 100 yuan each, uniform 20 yuan each, the headquarters free grilled bun furnace drawings and cooked meat. Lots of other ancestral production technology secret.

three, in order to ensure the orderly development of energy-saving brand in the market, to the franchise headquarters will receive 1000 yuan deposit, according to the provisions of the headquarters set up shop after stores returned, each selling a bun, headquarters extraction 2 cents, headquarters responsible for mailing bags and seasoning steamed with (Headquarters bear postage).

relative to the larger catering investment, energy-saving is more choice! Open energy-saving stores, market hot, easy operation, flexible investment, what are you waiting for?

if you have joined the energy-saving ideas, please message in our website below, we will see the message row staff to contact you.

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