Business can be busy but not chaotic


Business can be busy but not chaotic

if you are a shop owner, once the store guests more, you will have what kind of service performance? I believe a lot of people may appear chaotic situation. The supermarket business has been for many years, there is a drawback: as long as the customer can not change one, I can not attend to greet, with customers say kind words, even the smile is not. Because of this, I did not offend customers less.

father criticized me many times, but I never mind. Once, my father took me to a barber shop. After entering, a lot of people waiting to see the barber, I would like to change, but the father refused to. I had to sit down side by side with my father. The barber is a middle-aged woman. She is neither fast nor slow to manipulated the scissors, and after a little while, is a piece of cut hair on the ground.

I have a rough count, about five or six people are waiting, from their faces, I did not see a worried look. Does she have a very good haircut, or very fast? But this is not the case. She is very slow. When a customer comes in, she would smile and say: "you come! Sit down and wait for a while."

I thought, now the barber shop more, why did she not speed up, in order to earn more money? If it is me, we must hurry up, so as not to have customers waiting impatiently leave. Finally my turn, she still carefully geography. After finishing, look in the mirror, really good.

after returning home, I said to my father: "the boss really anyone, so many people waiting, she didn't panic, always smiling and greeting customers, the barber process is not 'Jerry'!" After hearing my words, my father nodded slightly. Suddenly, I understand the father's heart.

no matter how much we do business is good, in fact, we need to be a continuous learning process, so that they can really help their own store operations. And after this lesson, I decided to repent. Now, no matter how busy, I can not forget to greet customers, customers smile.

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