New changes in the table of the people of Dalian Spring Festival


New changes in the table of the people of Dalian Spring Festival

in the past, people during the Spring Festival, will prepare all kinds of food to their homes, and even become the standard Fish Festival, this year, the Dalian city people holiday changes in turn the world upside down on the table now, vegetable food gradually became the protagonist, won the people's recognition.

with the urban and rural residents living level improved, food is not the holiday table "main dish", eat light, eat healthy, eat green has become a new target of new method, new fashion, for urban and rural residents in the pursuit of. Lettuce, endive, spinach, chrysanthemum, cabbage, rape, celery, cabbage and other vegetables, the residents on the table of the lover, even on weekdays, potatoes, radish, Chinese cabbage also boarded the "in good taste".


resident Lee at home please relatives eat, arranged 3 table 14 dish, eat a fish, shrimp, Braised pork in brown sauce, abalone, left a lot, fried vegetables, cabbage, fried radish mixed jellyfish, sauteed potato cutlets, organic cauliflower eat cd.


District Three Street Li Jian Bao sister told reporters, her vegetable retail business for 20 years, nearly two years of leaf vegetables more fire, showing a rising trend year by year, this year sales of very good, during the festival her family sold more than 1 thousand kilograms of vegetables, 1/4 more than last year.

Xujiayao village farmers sister Jiang said, see the spring festival leaves vegetables selling fast, the price is high, she starts the Spring Festival "articles", dedicated to selling vegetables. This year from twenty-four to six at the beginning of the month is the twelfth lunar month, thousands of yuan income per day.

in the festival, people love to eat healthy fresh food, with the food, can make people healthier, leafy vegetables are more popular, so that it becomes Arthur public table rare delicacies, let people have love or not.

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