Knowledge is not equal to economy


Knowledge is not equal to economy

often have a saying, it is not equal to the knowledge economy, with the rapid development of modern economy, the use of knowledge and not so direct, want to put the knowledge into the economy, but also after some processing!


Zhongguancun, a company with a mature technology, this technology is to fill the gaps in the country. Due to the advanced and practical technology, the Ministry of science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund to encourage free funding and some investors. They also found a MBA manager who had worked in an investment company. In more than and 20 people in the company, the core technical staff of 4 people, all graduate students, other managers, including market development, personnel, finance is all MBA, set up a number of project teams. So far, the luxury entrepreneurial lineup formed: the leading technology + millions of dollars +20 doctoral, master, MBA. It is half a year later, products not produced, finally broke up the.

Zuotang medical case analysis:

Analysis of


: an antidote against the disease

= knowledge economy. Economy contains knowledge, and knowledge is not economic, knowledge itself can not become an independent value-added economy". Especially for creating an economic entity of industrial investment, knowledge with land, plant and equipment, raw materials, labor, is a project resource or elements, although sometimes more important compared with other elements, but it is always a factor. The conclusion is that there is knowledge in economy, and there is no economy in knowledge. Knowledge is a form of capital but not an economy.

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