Shenyang 1 6 month average price of commercial housing rose 4 2%


Shenyang 1 6 month average price of commercial housing rose 4 2%

prices continue to rise but still can not stop people's enthusiasm for the purchase, especially the vast number of businessmen. The price of commercial housing is also expensive, but the merchants are still reluctant to buy. Shenyang City real estate bureau released data show that this year, 1-6 months, the city's commercial housing contract filing area and the amount of both recorded a substantial increase, an increase of 16.7% and 21.6%, respectively. The first half of the average price of commercial housing rose 4.2%. With the sharp rise in sales, Shenyang commercial housing sales area also fell significantly, to reduce the cycle of the previous year to 1 months.

The general manager of

Shenyang Vanke Xiao Jin said, in recent years, Shenyang City, the land area decreased, but the sales increase in the area have been greatly improved, the real estate market supply and demand, Vanke also ready to invest in Shenyang in the second half of the year. In addition, the relevant person in charge of the Shenyang real estate bureau said that Shenyang is a positive population growth in the city, thanks to the city of Shenyang Economic Zone, in the crowd of 40% people in Shenyang is a foreigner.

at the end of March this year, Shenyang issued a new policy of real estate high gold content, not only relates to tax subsidies, and clear exposition in the municipal government held the fair housing and different real time, give the purchase subsidies for the purchase of consumer real estate exhibition. Some real estate sales staff told reporters that the new policy has set off a small real estate sales climax.

through the above reports we can see that in the wanton growth of housing prices, the average price of commercial housing in Shenyang 1-6 month rose 4.2%. According to the Shenyang municipal real estate bureau responsible person, in order to further consolidate the real estate inventory results, the second half of this year will include the introduction of research on the strengthening of the real estate business environment construction and two round of real estate policy, at the same time make price stability work. Shenyang commercial housing prices in the second half of the price can really do it? We'll wait and see!

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