What is Sade Why is China afraid of Sade


What is Sade Why is China afraid of Sade

this time South Korea deployed Sade's event is noisy and raise a Babel of criticism of for South Korea's boycott, Chinese also fanned out across the country. So, what is Sade? Sade anti missile system coverage, especially the X band radar monitoring range far beyond the peninsula hinterland defense needs, the Asian continent, not only will directly harm Chinese strategic security interests, will also harm the security interests of other countries in the region.

2 7 lunar New Year's Eve, North Korea launched a long-range rocket. A few hours later, South Korea announced it would negotiate with the United States on the Korean Peninsula to deploy the end of the high-altitude defense system (THAAD, referred to as Sade). In February 12th, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the Reuters said in Munich, the United States may China in Korea to deploy "trend of Sade" anti missile system expressed serious concern, the legitimate rights and interests of China resolutely oppose any country to borrow against the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula China.

why is China afraid of Sade?

de Sade full name for the theater high altitude area defense system, in 2008 formally deployed, and the Patriots constitute the United States and the United States and the high level of anti missile system. A system is usually composed of a command vehicle, fire control radar, 6 units of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, 8 fire control equipment and the combination of the 48 interceptor missiles.

one, missile range, large area of protection

"Sade" range of 300 km, a radius of defense of the region of 200 km, "Sade" is the "face defense system", mainly for the protection of larger strategic areas and objectives. U.S. military has claimed that the 4 sets of Sade plus 7 sets of Patriot system can cover the entire territory of South korea.

two, intercept height and destroy probability is higher

"Sade" intercept height is 40 to 180 km, known as "the world's only land-based ballistic missile to intercept in the atmosphere inside and outside of the anti missile system". The larger block height is "Sade" offers the sufficient reaction time and repeated interception battle space, therefore, "Sade" was designed as a "fire - Assessment - shooting" mode of operation, with two interceptions and two damage assessment ability.

three, the use of kinetic energy technology, destroy the power of the big

The failure mechanism of

missile intercept "Sade" system is a "hit kill", with high speed impact to detonate the warhead, the heat generated during the failure of chemical warfare agents. "Kinetic kill" is as difficult as the "bullet bullet", the terminal guidance and space vector technology and mobile requirements is very high, but also significantly reduce the "Sade" warhead quality, so as to increase the height of interception is possible.

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