Bruce Lee entrepreneurship open online library


Bruce Lee entrepreneurship open online library

if it's just a library, it's not unusual at the moment because it exists in every city. However, the general library is the entity, this paper introduces the online library. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the Bruce Lee open online library.

, the 26 year old young people chose such a wealth of channels: open a free online library, book book, the number of members to be big enough, then implanted in the books on advertising package.

wealth of this idea feasible? This online library called red ant library, the Chongqing evening news reporter yesterday interviewed the general manager of the company Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee said, for the reader, the red ants to solve the problem is to go to the library to borrow a book, see the people do not know what to choose, know the title of the book on the shelf for a long time.

resignation entrepreneurship library

when I was a college student, I didn't want to choose the law. I do not want to rely on the professional work to make a living, but always hope to be able to start their own business." The 26 year old Bruce Lee said in 2010 he graduated from the Southwest University of Political Science and Law of the legal profession, worked in a law firm, had done the Assistant Legal Adviser in a company, but the idea of doing business has been lingering in my heart.

"I like reading books, but I always buy them online." Bruce Lee said that last year he suddenly came up with an idea to open a network library, so that everyone on the Internet to choose the book, and then send the book to their own. About profit, he said he was ready to send books on the packaging of advertising, advertising costs as a source of profit.

want to do, after the resignation of Bruce Lee to the family and relatives to raise 100 thousand yuan, after the Spring Festival this year, registered Chongqing autumn soul culture dissemination limited company, and hired 3 employees. "The red ant library is a part of the company, and when the library is getting better, I have to do other business." Bruce Lee said, after the registration of the company we have been doing network background, in late October, the official operation. More than a month has more than and 50 members, more than 100 books."

has not yet started pulling ad

"login red ant library website to register to become a member, then Alipay, online banking or bank card transfer way to pay a deposit for a library card, you can choose a book in the stacks." Bruce Lee said that the loan card is divided into four kinds, the cheapest $110, one can borrow 2 books, the most expensive $510, one can borrow 10 books. We have our own delivery, free to send books to book.


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