n 2012 the new rich market funny bedding


n 2012 the new rich market funny bedding

In the

era of development, social progress, the more strange and eccentric things, more popular, this is not funny bedding was born. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, in fact, if the bedroom bed products can also add a lot of choice. Today many bedroom supplies began to go " funny " route, new term frequent flash wacky, such as soybean Straw quilt, pillow, the most shocking is not only more shocking.

The so-called

For the crowd:

1, called " ", funny; there are two main ways to achieve, or special material, with some eight poles hit together materials and bedding together, such as milk, soybean; or the name of the special, through interesting words, or familiar with high degrees of unconventional words thinking in contrast to attract customers.

2, the funny amused at the same time, should pay attention to the practical function of the product.

3, wacky bed price is high, if the more high consumption crowd, can do a variety of novelty, include bedding theme shop; the lower level of consumption, combined sales of some moderate price, but in the process of material, design style and distinctive products, funny bedding the proportion can be adjusted flexibly. Even the funny, high-tech, healthy image as a highlight of the store, only to a attract eyeball, improve store quality, not the actual sales for the main purpose.

In fact,

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